Diwali Delights from Cremecup !

​Cremecup.in, India’s first online bakery, has already changed our concept on cakes and bakes. They have certainly proved their tagline with time, which says, “Changing the way India eats Cake”. With every festival in the city, Cremecup.in has always geared up itself and has launched a wide range of cakes and goodies. With Diwali knocking at the door, they are ready with some amazing products which they have named as “Diwali Delights“. Let’s go into details !

Motichur Cheesecake in a potRs 1500/-

One Pound of the cheesecake is placed delicately in a beautifully crafted wooden bowl. It is garnished with a thick layer of motichur grains and is also stuffed with generous portions of motichur. The texture is something to fall in love with and I’m sure you will. I loved it’s balanced sweetness which overall made it a perfect cheesecake. This is something one must order !

Gulabjamun Cheesecake in a potRs 1500/-

One Pound of a Gulab Jamun Cheesecake is put similarly in a Wooden Bowl. The texture is same as the previous one just that it is garnished with finely chopped gulabjamun slices and is also stuffed with them. Taste wise, this is amazing and I would give this a point extra than the motichur one, as I have a personal preference for gulabjamun. So try it yourself and find out which one is better among the two !

Special Flavored Truffles BoxRs 600/-

The box includes nine truffles, with the flavours of Almond, Lemon, Mocha, Pan Pasand, Smores, Pista & Plain truffles. The truffles look amazing and undoubtedly taste amazing too. They are soft, and would melt in your mouth. The set looks exquisite and quite classy. So if you want to gift something really good to your loved ones, then this should be your order !

Brownie Sandwich & CupcakeRs 1500/-

The set includes three different flavored Brownies & three Mini Cupcakes on a Wooden Platter. Firstly, the wooden platter looks really good. The cupcakes are good too, being creamy and tasty. However, the hero of the entire platter is the brownie sandwich. It’s crispy and tasty. You’d certainly like this !

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake in cupsRs 1500/-

Half pound Gulab Jamun cheese cake is placed in interesting cups. What’s interesting about the cups are that they are in the form of a semicircle that makes them really unique. Otherwise the Cheesecake remains just the same. So in case you need lesser quantity, you may order this one. The motichur cheesecake is also available in this form.

Truffles &  Cake pops BoxRs. 700/-   

This includes ten truffles & cupcakes, with flavours -Almond, Lemon, Mocha, Pan Pasand, Smores, Pista & Plain truffles. The truffles as I said previously are amazing. The Pista one simply stole my heart. This definitely serves the purpose to gift a group of people, like a family !

The Diwali Delights are not yet over. They have certain other goodies too. You can go through the pictures attached for a visual delight.

1. Motichoor cheesecake and brownie sandwiches platter – Rs 1500/-

2. Motichoor cheesecake and cupcakes platter – Rs 1500/-

3. Mini cupcakes and flavoured truffles platter – Rs 1400/-

4. Flavoured truffles in a tube platter – Rs 1000/-

5. Flavoured cupcakes in a box – Rs 700/-

6. Brownie sandwiches in a bowl – Rs 1100/-

7. Brownies in a box – Rs 800/-

8. Cake pops in a box – Rs 600/-

9. Mini cupcakes platter – Rs 1000/-

10. Cookies and brownies platter – Rs 900/-

Why Cremecup.in?

1. You no more need to travel to the nearest bakery and carry goodies to your home. You can have everything just sitting at your home, thereby saving both your time and energy

2. The goodies would be similar during delivery as the appear in the online ordering portal.

3. The superb packaging of the goodies is sure to impress you. Also, every cake is freshly prepared after the order is being placed.

4. The cakes and other goodies are the best in the market in terms of quality. So, don’t hesitate ordering !

5. All the cakes are 100% vegetarian and 100% eggless.

How to order?

• Go to cremecup.in, scroll through the menu in the website and place your order 

•Upon receiving the order, the item will be freshly prepared. 

•The order would be delivered in innovative packaging. 

•For further details, call up +918100166333.

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