Enjoy Durga Pujo at Aaheli !

​Aaheli’s name is synonymous with authentic Bengali food. Cooking food in the traditional way had always been their forte. With the commencement of Durga Puja, like all other restaurants, Aaheli, the Peerless Inn, has launched a special menu for all its customers. Going beyond authentic recipes, this year Aaheli has made an attempt to bring a twist in the traditional dishes. Let’s have a look on the entire menu.

Sital Porosh

Kochi DabEr Jall

Tender coconut water

Aam Porar Sarbot

A seasonal tangy drink made from roasted raw mango finished to perfection.

Dugdho manthon

Thin butter milk either sweet or salt as per your choice. 

Sugandhi Lebur sarbot

A refreshing drink with aromated lemon & seasoned. 

Surur Kotha

Aahelir Surur Pate (Aamish)

A Combination of unique Bengali Non Vegetarian starter to start your meal ( Topsey Bhaja, Chingri Bhaja, Kankra Bora, Rui Macher Patisapta, Mourola Bhaja)

Chatakdari Jalpori

Bengali spiced marinated prawns deep-fried

Tawa Bhetki

Fillet of beckti cure with Bengali spices & finished on griddle

Matcher Patishapta

Pancake stuffed with mashed Rohu fish & Spices finished with grand maa’s ‘ghee’. 

Patay mora Chingri Bhaja 

Prawn paste wrapped in pumpkin leaf , deepfried 

Aahelir Surur Pate (Niraamish)

A Combination of unique Bengali Vegetarian starter to start your meal ( Chanar Patisapta, postor Bora, Mochar Chop, Piyazi, Bori bhaja)  

Piyaz Postor Bora

A combination of poppy seeds , finely chopped Onion, ginger, green chilli dumpling, shallow fried.

Jhuri Aloo Bhaja

Golden fried juliennes of potato

Mochar Chop

Banana blossom croquettes deep fried in mustard oil.

Songi Sathi 

Chingri Pulao

Aromated rice & prawn cooked together.A Bengali delicacy.

Mangsho Polao

Aromated rice cooked with Mutton Cubes finished with home made ‘ghee’. 

Polao Rajnandini

Zamindari style Pulao cooked with dry fruits, green peas & cauliflower

Sugandhi Gobindobhog

Aromated rice boiled to perfection.

Phoolko Loochi

Deep fried puffy bread fried in home made ‘ghee’.

Rajokiyo Radha Ballabhi

Lentil stuffed deep fried puffy bread fried in mother’s ghee’

Sonali Moong Dal

A unique preparation of green Grams cooked in traditional Bengali style. 

Narkeli Cholar Dal

Bengal split Gram cooked with coconut Dal.

NiramishEr Boichitra


A traditional Bengali bitter & Sweet preparation of Mix vegetables

Kadoli Pushpo Ghonto

Banana Blossoms & potato cooked with fresh Cumin & Diced coconut.

Jheengey Aloo Posto 

Potato & ridge gourd cooked with coarsely ground poppy seeds

Piyaj Aloo Posto

Cubes of potatoes & onions cooked with Coarsely ground poppy seeds

Bhaja Masalar Aloor Dom 

Baby Potatoes cooked in roasted spices & finished in onion gravy

Potoler Dorma (Seasonal)

Wax gourd stuffed with home made cottage cheese & cooked with creamy coconut gravy

Mono Mohini Begun Bahar

Brinjal cooked with thick mustard gravy

Dhokar Dalna 

Mixture of grounded Bengal gram & red lentil cakes cooked in onion gravy

Bhapa Chanar Utshab 

Home made cottage cheese dumplings Cooked in yellow saffron gravy  

Chamoki Chanar Chamak 

Deep fried home made Cottage Cheese cake Cooked in Onion Gravy

AamishEr Amantran 

Galda Chingrir Karsaji

Lobster cooked in onion mustard gravy.

Chamoki Chingri 

Malai Prawn cooked in fresh coconut cream

Bati Chingri

Marinated prawn Cooked in onion, chili & mustard Gravy

Daab Chingrir Pelobota

Prawn delicacy cooked in green coconut shell

Mocha Chingri

Banana blossoms cooked with shrimps. A unique Bengali preparation

Dhumrogondhi Eilish Boneless 

Smoked Hilsha cooked in mustard

Eilish Bhapey

Hilsha napped in Yogurt and spices

Borishali Eelish

Hilsha Cooked in Spicy Mustard Gravy along with Grated Coconut.

Bhalo Laga Bhetki Patoori

Beckti Marinated with Mustard , wrapped in banana leaf & steamed

Bhetki Gondhoraj

Chunk Of Beckti Cooked in Onion Gravy along with aromated Lemon Chirantani 

Chitol Muithaa

Roulade of fish, poached & cooked in golden gravyParamadrito 

Pabda Jhal

Pabda cooked in onion mustard gravy

Tel koier Hoi Choi

Koi Cooked in a trditional style .

Mourolar Bati Chocchori

Tiny river fish cooked with potato & Brinjal.

Kankhito Kankrar Jhal

Crab cooked in onion mustard gravy

Swadey Khasha Murgi Kasha 

Chicken cooked in grand mother’s recipe

Kancha Lanka Diye Murgi

Chicken cooked in onion & green chilli 

Kasha Mangsho

Mutton coated with semi thick gravy

Goalanda Purer Mangsho

Spicy mutton preparation Tegore’s favorit . 

Kochi Panthar Jhol 

Chunk of mutton cooked in thin gravy . 

Morich Mangsho

Mutton cooked with home made ghee along with whole & crushed pepper.

Aahelir Mahotsab

The complete vegetarian course of Bengali meal

Aahelir Bhoj

A journey through the entire course of Bengali meal, including two non vegetarian options, pre portioned food served in traditional style

Aahelir Raj Bhoj

An exotic spread for Bengali food connoisseurs with three non vegetarian selections

Aahelir Bhuribhoj

A complete meal with authentic vegetarian & non-vegetarian delicacies of Bengal

Aamsatta & Khejurer Chutney

Aamsatta & khejurer chutney

Madhureno Somapoyet

Chanar Payesh

Tiny homemade cottage cheese dumplings simmered in thick reduced milk


A traditional sweet of Bengal

Monolobha Maalpoa

Deep fried pancake made out of flour, milk, khoya and dipped in sugar syrup

Aahelir Sandesh

Signature sweet dish of Aaheli


Cottage cheese dumplings simmered in thin sugar syrup

Doi Kalash

All time favorite home made sweet curd. 

Sugarfree Kalakand

Chhanar Jilipi

Traditional Sweet Deep fried & Soaked in Sugar Syrup.

Puja Special Thalis at Aaheli, The Peerless Inn.

Vegetarian Thali

One topping / Seven Vegetarian item with Chana /One Dal/ Rice/ Loochi/pulao/ Chutney , papad & Two sweets

Price: 1255+Taxes

Non Vegetarian Thali

One topping / Four Non Veg Item ( Prawn; Hilsha; Beckti; Mutton) / Three Veg item/ Loochi/ Rice/ Pulao/ papad / chutney & two sweets

Price: 1895+Taxes

For Aaheli, Axis Mall


Buffet with One non veg & one veg starter/ Four non veg Prawn/ Fish/ chicken/ Mutton / Three types of veg/ One Dal/ Pulao /chutney / papad & three sweets along with a pint of Beer or a glass of wine.

Price: Rs. 1325+Taxes

Overall, Aaheli has a lot to offer this Pujo. Come and satisfy your craving for authentic Bengali food only at Aaheli !

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