Calcutta Stories – A ride to the past !

Calcutta stories takes you on a ride to the past, when several communities resided in Calcutta. This is not just a fine-dining restaurant. This is a representation of the culinary heritage of Calcutta. In today’s Kolkata, the idea about food is still stuck to Mughlai, South Indian, Oriental and Continental. Calcutta stories had thus made an attempt to bring back those cuisines like Armenian, Jewish, Parsi and AngloIndian, which were once a part of Calcutta’s food map but is completely lost in the modern Kolkata. I would really appreciate the mastermind who did come up with this idea and the entire unit of Calcutta stories to transform this fiction into reality. 

Besides serving these exquisite cuisines, they also show equal expertise in Mughlai, South Indian and Oriental as well. This is actually a project under the same owner as that of Tak Heng. So, undoubtedly you can fall in love with their Oriental. But what would actually pull you to this place are the cuisines which no other place in Kolkata serves. 

Panchphoron was invited for a food tasting in this newly launched venture. Tucked in between the lanes close to Vivekananda Park, the restaurant is quite difficult to find in case you ain’t using the GPS. The seating space is divided into two rooms and is quite large. The ambience is decent. We tried a few dishes from their buffet menu, which was a fusion of every cuisine they serve.

Jewish Chicken Shooftas 

These were seekh Kebabs, Pan Grilled and not roasted in a tandoor. They were well cooked and tasted nice.

Moroccan Cigars

Roasted Chicken Liver and browned Onions were deep fried in Phyllo pastry. The outer surface was crispy, followed by hot and spicy stuffing inside.

Chinese Chicken Fried Wontons 

This was one of the specialities from Tak Heng. The wanton was amazingly crispy. The sweet sauce that came with it was lovely and went well with the wantons. 

Pot sticker Chicken momos

This was another Tak Heng favourite. The momos were excellent. The soft skin followed by the minced chicken filling was delicious. 

Parsi style Brown Rice

 The rice had an amazing aroma. It was sweet.

AngloIndian Tamarind Dal 

 The dal was thick and sour, as it was supposed to be. 

Jewish Chicken Chitanee 

The chicken was sweet and spicy. It had a totally different taste from the regular cuisines which we are used to having. 

Jewish Fish Pulao 

The polao was loaded with generous chunks of fish. The polao was on the sweeter side and tasted nice. 

Vegetables in sweet n sour sauce

 Babycorn, carrots, broccoli were tossed in a sweet and sour sauce which tasted decent.

Exotic veg in Ginger Wine Sauce

 Veggies like tomatoes, babycorn, spring onions, etc were tossed in a ginger wine sauce.

Prawns in Coriander pepper Sauce 

Juicy succulent prawns were cooked in a spicy coriander and pepper based gravy. This was quite spicy and went will with the sweet rice preparations. 

Crabs in Chilly Oyster Sauce  

This was spicy again and the dish overall tasted excellent, perhaps the best among the entire spread 

Lamb Dumplings in Manchurian Sauce

 The dumplings were cooked to perfection. They were very soft. The manchurian gravy was spiced well and tasted nice.

Singapore Noodles 

The noodles were spicy and well done.

Gondhoraj Lemon Soufflé

This was good both in terms of texture and taste. However, the flavour was quite overpowering after a certain instance. 

Overall, Calcutta Stories is doing a great job with such a wide assortment of cuisines which were somewhat lost in our modern culture. The buffet spread is huge with proper variation and a decent pricing. To discover more, just drop in and you would definitely be delighted by the food.

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