Launch of Cafe Mezzaluna !

​A new cafe makes its way into the city of joy ! Located conveniently near Maddox square, this cafe has already gained much popularity before it’s launch. Named as Cafe Mezzaluna, the beautifully decorated red coloured exterior is bound to  gain your attention. The menu has been beautifully designed with dishes ranging from Western to Oriental. Apart from that, this place serves some amazing hookah along with cocktails ! Yes, you get it right. They have a bar too and this is probably going to be the best bar cum cafe in the whole Hazra area, in the coming days. 

Panchphoron was invited here for a food tasting session before it’s official launch. The place is quite large, to accommodate around 70 guests at a time. The ambience is quite nice, specially the ceiling. Now, its time to talk about the food.

Mocktails :

Spice Cranberry punch – The drink was presented in a martini glass, which was a mix of cranberry and gauva juice. The glass was rimmed with chaat masala, which provided the spice while the slice of lime added the tangy punch. 

cooler – This was chilled and fizzy. The basic ingredients were lemongrass and lime. The flavour was somewhat bland but the drink was refreshing.

shake – Whenever it comes to a drink, a Chocolate shake or a kit Kat shake is always my first choice. Definitely I loved this a lot, somewhat more on personal grounds. The drink was dense and rich. This was my favourite in the entire lot. 

mojito – The drink was overly sweet and somehow couldn’t reach my expectations. 


soup – This was packed with flavours. The soup was tomato based, loaded with pasta and veggies. Undoubtedly, this was thick and yummy. The pasta was well boiled and the tanginess of the soup was perfectly adjusted. This is a great option to start your meal.


caeser salad – The base of the salad was done with fresh, juicy and crispy iceberg lettuce. It was topped with grilled chicken, garlic croutons and caesar dressing. The taste was quite good, specially due to the caesar dressing that was used. 


Indonesian spiced chicken skewers – The chicken was very well done and tasted great. The skewers were served with a spicy and tangy dip which was amazing. 

chilli mushroom – The mushrooms were grilled with garlic, butter and topped with fresh coriander. The mushrooms were soft, juicy and succulent. They had an amazing spongy texture, which was praiseworthy. 

potato skins – The potato skins were fried to crispness and served with two dips – garlic aioli dip and BBQ sauce dip, both of which were equally good. This was quite irresistible and i was unable to stop myself from munching into the skins one after another.

garlic fish – Slices of fish were tossed with onions and bell peppers in a chilli garlic sauce and topped with parsley and spring onions. The fish was the sole reason due to which I completely fell in love with this. The fish was fresh and tasted heavenly. The credit obviously goes to the chef. 


chicken – Three large sized chicken slices were placed on a bed of spicy and tangy sauce with arborio rice and fried potato. The chicken was amazingly cooked. The sauce was excellent. The rice was well done as well. This was a complete platter with wise and careful choice of ingredients, making it one of the best dishes here. 

cottage cheese skewers – Cottage cheese slices were put on skewers with onions and bell peppers. They were grilled and tossed in a spicy sauce. The skewers came with a side of sweet rice. This was an amazing combo and deserves a try. 

garlic cottage cheese –  Cottage cheese slices were cooked with capsicum and green chillies in a chilli garlic sauce. This was very well done. 

baked crepe – The crepe was stuffed with cheese and minced veggies. It was served on a bed of spicy and tangy sauce. The crepe was amazing, both in terms of texture and taste. 

green curry – Neither did I nor can anyone expect to get a traditional Thai curry in a cafe serving mostly continental food. But yes, the thai curry was better than the best. It came with a side of steam rice. The taste was amazing and you can actually feel the authenticity in it. This is probably one of the best Thai green curries that you can get in Kolkata. This certainly can’t be missed.

Overall, Cafe Mezzaluna is definitely a hidden gem tucked in the lanes of Hazra. The cafe will be officially open to public from 17th September onwards. Come, indulge and take a dive into delicacies from Western to Oriental cuisines. Will be back next time to try their cocktails ! 😀

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