Fajita Fiesta at Chili’s, Quest Mall !

​Chili’s isn’t a new name for us. With its inception in Kolkata, this place had always been in the hype, much due to the fact that it stands undoubtedly as the best restaurant in Kolkata serving Tex-Mex food. Their tripple dipper, burgers, fajitas, baby back ribs, blackened fish and everything else had been very famous among all of us. 

The first outlet of Chili’s was at Quest Mall, which is my personal favourite. So, it was double the happiness on getting an invitation for a bloggers meet for their ongoing ‘Fajita Fiesta’ at Quest Mall. Now, I’m quite sure many of haven’t tasted or even known of a fajita before. A fajita is a part of Tex-Mex cuisine, in which grilled pieces of meat are served on a tortilla bread. This is one of the popular dishes in American casual dining restaurants but in Kolkata the only restaurant that serves fajita is Chili’s. So, when they are launching some special fajitas, out of their menu, it can’t be missed ! 

The Quest Mall outlet is quite spacious and perhaps the most crowded one. The decor is stunning as is the view for the glass wall. What was surprising was the service, which was super fast. I actually didn’t expect the food to come in such a rapid way, even in the presence of such a huge crowd in the lunch hours. So, there goes an additional point !

Lets talk of the festival now. The festival includes six different types of fajitas –

1. Crispy cauliflower – This is basically a starter and not a typical fajita. The cauliflower slices are coated with a thin batter and fried to crispness. The crispy pieces were further drizzled with hot wing sauce, ranch dressing and spring onions. The cauliflower was fried to absolute crispness but they did simply taste like a cauliflower pakora. I wish if they were tossed in some tangy sauce, the dish would definitely taste much much better. Still, if you wish to munch on some good vegetarian snacks, this is the best option for you. 

2. Roasted Pepper Chicken Fajitas – This was served on a sizzler plate with tortilla bread and six condiments. The condiments include pickled onions, guacamole ( mashed avocado dip ), salsa, mix of cheddar and Jack cheese, cumin sour cream and Pico de gallo, which is a Mexican variety of chopped tomato sala. Coming back to the fajita, juicy chicken slices were placed on a bed of cooked red onion rings, topped with roasted red pepper sauce, cheese blend, fresh cilantro and roasted jalapenos. Either have the fajitas with the choice of your condiments or prepare a wrap using the tortilla bread, fajitas and the condiments and have it to experience the real taste. I really loved this one, the chicken being soft and very well cooked. The roasted red pepper sauce provided the much needed spicy taste while cheese at the top was doing its own job.

3. Roasted shrimp fajitas – This was definitely irresistible! Who can hold over their lust for food when there are grilled prawns in front? Spiced shrimp pieces were placed on a bed of cooked red onion rings and garlic tomatoes. They were further mixed with chicken chorizo, pineapple pico de gallo and citrus chile sauce, topped with fresh cilantro and roasted jalapenos. This was my personal favourite, maybe since prawns and shrimps are my weakness. The shrimps were very well grilled and were juicy and succulent. You can’t even wait to make a wrap using the tortilla as this was heavenly !

4. Sea food fajitas – Well, this was a mixed version of the previous one where a fillet of basa was served along with some grilled shrimps, on a bed of cooked red onion rings and garlic tomatoes, mixed with pico de gallo and citrus chilli sauce, topped with fresh cilantro and roasted jalapenos. The shrimps were juicy and heavenly, just like the previous one. However, what surprised us was the basa fillet which somehow outwitted the shrimps in terms of both texture and flavour. The fish was so well cooked that the fork penetrated it with the least effort and it simply melted in my mouth creating magic !

5. Queso Fundido Fajitas – This has an option to choose either chicken or tenderloin or both! I was served a combo of both.  Tenderloin steak and chicken slices were served on a bed of cooked red onion rings, smothered in warm garlic queso fundido, citrus chilli sauce, fresh cilantro and roasted jalapenos. The tortilla bread and condiments were the same as in all the previous cases. The tenderloin was simply out of the world. The meat was fibrous and tasted amazing. This was definitely one of the best tenderloins I ever had. The chicken was amazing as well, being properly grilled and extremely juicy. This is a must try !

6. Sizzling veggie fajitas – A mix of grilled juicy veggies on a plate. This includes mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, etc. This was more like a veg salad and I enjoyed this to my heart’s content. Vegetarians are simply going to love this!

The festival menu includes a dessert and a as well. 

Crunchy chocolate puff – The puff is amazingly crisped, stuffed with warm chocolate brownie. It comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce. The same monotonous brownie with chocolate sauce gets a new form where the brownie comes within a crispy puff and trust me, once you have this, there’s no scope of regret !

Tequila white sangria – Tequila and white wine were shaken with triple sec and fresh lime juice, topped with sprite. This was quite refreshing and well done.

Overall, Chili’s stands as one of the finest restaurants in Kolkata. The food, ambience, service and everything else would definitely make you come again and again. The ‘Fajita Fiesta’ has already started and would continue till the month of November. So get geared up and give this a visit !

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