Burger Festival at Purple Turtle !

​Purple Turtle is the most famous café near South City. This place is extremely popular among the youngsters due to their amazing hookah. But, besides the hookah they serve excellent food too. I wasn’t aware of this fact till the moment I got an invitation for their Burger Festival.

Purple Turtle is located on the lane, just opposite to South city, beside Honda showroom. The place is small and dimly lit but for hookah lovers this is undoubtedly a hidden gem. After we made ourselves confortable, we were provided with the menu for their Burger Festival, which included :

1. Simple veg ( ₹180 ) – Veg patty, onions, lettuce, tomatoes with ketchup and mayo sauce. 

2. Simply veg with cheese ( ₹200 ) – All of the above with cheese.

3. Funny Bunny ( ₹250 ) – Chicken patty with onions, tomatoes, lettuce with cheese and mayo sauce.

4. Super sonic ( ₹250 ) – Chicken patty on coriander mayo sauce with onions, tomatoes and cheese.

5. Grilled devil ( ₹300 ) – Spicy grilled chicken with grilled onions on marinara sauce with cheese.

6. Freaky dog ( ₹350 ) – Chicken patty, sausages, grilled onions on marinara sauce with cheese.

7. Snoop dog ( ₹375 ) – Grilled chicken, salami, grilled onions, lettuce, egg, mayo and cheese.

8. Tokyo pop ( ₹400 ) – Fried crispy fish with breadcrumbs and egg on tartar sauce and cheese.

9. Crazy Buffalo ( ₹400 ) – Fried crispy chicken fingers with breadcrumbs and egg on mayo and cheese.

10. Italian stallion ( ₹400 ) – Chicken patty on pesto sauce with lettuce, egg, tomatoes and cheese. 

11. Sloppiest Joe ( ₹450 ) – Grilled chicken, onions, tomatoes, bacon, eggs, mayo coriander and cheese. 

12. Mex cowboy ( ₹450 ) – Barbecued chicken marinara lettuce, onions, tomatoes, bacon and cheese.

13. Johny bravo ( ₹475 ) – Chicken patty, hash browns, egg, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mayo and cheese. 

14. Grizzly bear ( ₹500 ) – Grilled chicken, sausage, salami, lettuce, onion, bacon, egg, mayo and cheese. 

15. The terminator ( ₹550 ) – 2 buns, 2 chicken patties, lettuce, salami, bacon, egg, onions and cheese.

16. Purple turtle ( ₹600 ) – 2 buns, 1 patty, 1 grilled chicken, salami, bacon, egg, onions, mayo and cheese.

From the long list, we ordered for Freaky dog, Tokyo pop, Mex cowboy, Grizzly bear and Purple Turtle special burger. Each of these were equally amazing, with distinct flavours and generous and wise use of stuffing and sauces. A special mention goes to the Purple Turte special burger, which was huge and is more than enough for a person. Each burger comes with a sufficient amount of home made French fries. The festival will end soon, so try out these amazing burgers before it ends.

 Purple Turtle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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