A sumptuous lunch at Fork & Knife !

​Park Circus is a place which is generally considered to be den for non-vegetarians with dozens of North Indian eateries. But when it comes to finding a pure veg restaurant in the vicinity, the search fails. However, this won’t be an issue any more as Fork & Knife has finally opened its doors to the public. 

It is a small yet cozy restaurant situated in the ground floor of Hotel West Willows, opposite Mocha. The pure veg option isn’t restricted to a single cuisine. It ranges from North Indian, South Indian to Chinese and even Italian. So thats where this place earns a star, making it unique from the others restaurants in that area. Also, the other plus point is the pricing. Sitting in an air conditioned restaurant and paying such dirt cheap prices would actually give you a shock. The food undoubtedly is of top notch and comes in good quantity. 

It was through a food tasting invitation to ‘Panchphoron’ that I happened to visit this place. The entire property of the hotel is quite lavish. The resrestaurant is well done. The menu card is well designed and the menu is encrypted with laser. 

We started our lunch with the mocktails –

1. Virgin Mojito

2. Ginger rock salt

Both the drinks were very refreshing, with distinct flavours. A special mention goes to the Mojito which was excellent.

The starters were next in line –

1. Delhi ka chaat – You generally won’t prefer having a chat, which is typically a roadside food, in an air conditioned restaurant. But I would suggest you to definitely try this out. The chat was full of flavours. The chips ( Papri ) were amazingly crispy. The toppings of curd, chopped salad, bhujiya, etc were in proportion and the overall dish was great !

2. Dahi chilla chat – This was quite an interesting combo. Hot rawa chillas were stuffed with cold hunk curd and onions, topped with bhujiya. The rawa was thin and crispy. The entire chilla was a blast of flavours in my mouth. This definitely needs a try.

3. Khasta kabab – This was a great starter. A mixture of rice, hunk curd, cheese and curry leaves was coated with bhujiya. I loved the crispiness of the kababs, the wise use of rice in the dish and the tanginess of the hunk curd making it one of the best versions of a dahi kabab I ever had.

4. Cheese chilli cigars – Rumali rotis were wrapped with cheese and green chillies. The cigar was very crispy and the first bite caused liquid cheese to come out of the cigar, which was a heavenly site to watch. A special mention goes to the spicy mayo dip, which was absolutely perfect with the cigars. Mind you, the dip is too spicy ! 😀

Next, we moved on to the mains –

1. Garlic naan and masala kulcha – I loved both the breads, with a special mention to the garlic bread which was amazing.

2. Jeera rice – The rice used was of good quality and was boiled and flavoured to perfection. 

3. Dal Makhani – The dal was dense and tasty. It was a good combination with the rice as well with the breads.

4. Aloo do pyaaza – The potato was cooked in an onion based gravy. It was delicious. 

5. Shyam savera – This undoubtedly is their speciality. A layer of panner was coated with spinach, around its circumference and was cooked in a spicy tomato based gravy. The dish was finger-licking good and I totally loved this.

We finally ended our meal with the dessert – chocolate monte carlo. The dessert, once again, was heavenly. It was rich and thick. You just can’t be happy with one. 

Also, a portion of malpoa and kheer were given by them, both of which were excellent.

Overall, this new place surprisingly proves to be a hidden gem. Being a multicuisine veg restaurant, Fork & Knife has already started getting an appreciable crowd. So, dont wait and give this place a visit to get charmed by their food ! I would definitely give this another visit to try out the other dishes on their menu.

 Fork & Knife Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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