It’s Pizza Time !

Chicago pizza is definitely one of the promising brands that serves some mouthwatering pizzas. Within a short span of time, they have made a name for themselves in the market and the outlets of Chicago pizza are spreading throughout the entire city. Now, you might come up with this question that what makes Chicago pizza so unique and different from other places, as there are numerous places in the city serving great pizzas. The reason that makes Chicago pizza much innovative is their concept of a ‘slice’ pizza. A single slice, with toppings of your choice, is huge and enough to satiate a hungry soul !

The new outlet at Camac street has been well planned in the little place that was available. ‘Panchphoron’ was invited here for a food tasting session. My previous experience at the outlet at city centre 1 was definitely a good one, where I loved the single slice pizza. So, I was looking forward to my visit at the Camac street outlet.


The outlet is basically a takeaway, but there is a provision of seating for five to six persons. The decor is quite nice, considering it be a pizza outlet. The best part is one can visualize the pizza being prepared and baked in the oven. Also, there is an option to choose your desired toppings and create a pizza of your choice !

We were served a huge pizza which had slices of different toppings :


1. Margarita, plain cheese – The crust was thin and crispy and the thick layer of cheese was definitely an amazing thing to have. The cheese was so amazing that it was irresistible even without any toppings!

2. Chicken tikka, onion, capsicum – The slice had small pieces of spicy chicken spread throughout, such that every bite had a chicken piece in it ! The flavour was good, much due to the juiciness of the onion and capsicum!


3. Chicken tikka, BBQ, chicken ham, onion – This was again a good combination of flavours, though tasted similar to the previous one !


4. Paneer onion capsicum – This is definitely a great option for vegetarians ! The paneer was moist and well grilled. The toppings were placed in generous amounts in the pizza. Loved it !


5. Ham slice – The soft and juicy ham slices were delicately placed within the cheese, to taste more than amazing ! This is something one shouldn’t miss out, if you are a pizza freak !

6. Chicken sausage – This is one of my favourite flavours, and Chicago pizza nailed it ! I was quite impressed with this !


After being done with the pizza, we were served their special garlic bread and lemon fizz. The bread was very crispy and was coated with a thick layer of cheese. You must have this hot, to experience the true flavours. The lemon fizz was great as it was tangy, chilled and refreshing !

Overall, Chicago pizza is all set on a new venture with this new outlet. The slice pizzas with the amazing toppings are great and commendable. The owner and the staff were very hospitable. The pizzas were prepared really fast. The garlic bread is definitely worth a try. I’m eagerly looking forward to my next visit over here.

 Chicago Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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