Bloggers Meet at Chai Break !

Chai Break is a name familiar to almost every person residing in Kolkata. The journey of Chai Break was started long back in 2010 and now they stand as one of the promising chain of restaurants in Kolkata. Chai Break was initially launched as a cafe that served tea lovers but with the passage of time it evolved into a restaurant that serves amazing hookah along with some great food from varied cuisines. The branches of Chai Break are spread throughout the entire city. With the new branch at Kankurgachi, they are set on a new venture.

This branch is just a month old and I was invited here by Thinkquisitive for a bloggers meet. Like most other places, this branch too was specialized on veg. But what was different is that there’s a breakfast menu here which includes egg in some of the dishes ! In terms of decor, this branch is quite spacious and has a classy decor, perfect for a dine out with the entire family. There’s also a separate section for banquets and meetings.

Our food tasting session started with the drinks that were served to us, one after another.

1. Lemon iced tea – Though not a big fan of iced tea, this suited my taste buds well. The tinge of lime was less and the flavour of tea was strong enough to impress me. It was chilled and hence served to quench my thirst quite well.


2. Cran cooler – Apart from cranberry juice, this included ginger, lime, lemon juice and elaichi. The flavours were on spot and it was refreshing too.

3. Sweet heart shake – What can go wrong when some of my favorite ingredients were punched together into a drink ! Obviously there was no scope to find any fault in it and I delightfully enjoyed the blend of strawberry, vanilla and crushed Oreo cookies.



4. Kit Kat shake – This was my personal favourite among the drinks, much due to my love for kit Kat. The ice cream was blended and topped with kit kit pieces. Though on the sweeter side, yet this is something that will surely bring a smile on your face. Infact, once you start having it, it’s impossible to shift your attention into something else unless you finish the whole of this and then crave for more.

5. Tulsi Adrak chai – When it’s Chai Break, having a proper hot tea is mandatory! This had infused flavours of basil and ginger. The aromatic flavour was commendable.

6. Kesar chai – This one was topped with saffron strands. I loved sipping a saffron tea after a long time and this was perfectly done.

Next, we had on our table, the Caesar salad. Now, being a hardcore non vegetarian, I was quite hesitant about trying this out since the idea of a veg salad sounded meaningless to me till then. But my experience with this, did change my overall conception. Crunchy iceberg lettuce served as the base and the toppings were of garlic croutons, parmesan cheese and capers. Mayonnaise was used as the salad dressing. I couldn’t believe that a salad without chicken or some other meat or seafood could taste so amazing. The veggies provided the much needed juiciness and mayonnaise served the purpose that it had been always doing !

The starters were next to arrive on our tables :


1. Sweet corn balls – I previously had a somewhat poor experience with this dish a few days back at another well known restaurant. The problem was that the dough of the corn balls was so thick that I couldn’t feel or taste the corns hidden in the dough. Thus, I was more impressed by this dish at chai break where the above mentioned shortcoming was avoided. I could immensely feel the soft juicy corns in every bite. The sauce with which the balls were tossed had a tanginess which I enjoyed !


2. Mushroom duplex – I can go back to chai break any day just to try this ! The mushrooms were deep fried with bread crumbs and then stuffed with cheese, jalapenos and paprika. This was a burst of flavours in my mouth. The liquid cheese in the mushroom was something to die for ! This was indeed irresistible and one shouldn’t miss this out !

The main course had yet a long list of dishes to follow :


1. Spaghetti Aglio Olio – I love spaghetti over penne and hence I was very eager to taste this. The spaghetti along with fresh garlic and capers, was tossed in extra virgin olive oil with Italian herbs. The taste was quite nice, the flavours being on spot !


2. Italian papad – A strange reaction will definitely crawl upon your face on hearing this name and it would be a hard time for you to relate papad with some dish in Italy. Let me just cut it short ! This is a Chai Break speciality where fresh baked hand rolled flat bread is topped with Italian herbs and cheese. You can definitely compare this to the thin crust of a pizza ! It was crispy and tasted great. Having something like the crust of a pizza without the expected toppings and the thick layer of cheese, was definitely new for me !

3. Veg Peri Peri pizza – The pizza was good as expected! The crust was thin and crispy while the topping was spicy and included exotic veg tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and chilli garlic sauce. The toppings had well balanced flavours and I enjoyed the tanginess of the sauce !


4. Penne Alfredo – Alfredo sauce is always my only preference with penne as I don’t generally settle with something other than this ! Over here, the penne was perfectly boiled and was loaded with veggies in a creamy cheese Alfredo sauce. The pasta was served hot to our table and I loved it’s flavour and the juiciness of the veggies.


5. Pesto risotto – After a bunch of amazing dishes, this was a sudden disappointment. The risotto tasted quite bland and I somehow couldn’t finish the portion that I had taken on my plate !

Done with the mains, we were served the cheese mushroom omlet from the breakfast menu. For me, this was the hero of the entire meal. The omlet did make my taste buds dance in delight. The omlet was stuffed with oozing cheese and delicate mushrooms. I can’t just explain how good this was ! As I cut through the omlet, the entire plate got filled with the cheese and mushroom with which the omlet was stuffed. It was amazing to watch it and heavenly to taste. The omlet was served with two breads, a scoop of butter and some French fries. This, this an entire breakfast platter for a single person !

Our wholesome meal ended with the dessert, brownie with ice cream. This can’t be bad at all ! The hot brownie topped with chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream was good as always !

Overall, Chai Break did impress me in every possible way. For not a single moment did the veg dishes make me feel that I was missing out on my regular non veg. Also, I would appreciate the fact that egg has been introduced into this pure veg outlet. I’m definitely coming back here again to taste the ones I loved during this session and much more !

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