Burger Festival at Afraa Deli !

Once again, Afraa Deli is back with a new festival – The Burger Festival. What makes this festival so unique are the amazing burgers. I’m not saying these are amazing coz they tasted so but because they looked totally different from what image we have of a typical burger available in Kolkata. There are five burgers launched in the menu. The veg burgers are coloured green, the fish is white and the chicken ones orange. This colour contrast makes them really unique and one would definitely be intrigued to try these out. Apart from that, the colour combination – orange, white and green – had been chosen to represent our national flag and this was since the festival had started from the 15th of August ! I was really impressed by the idea which they have used in preparing the burgers !

Now, it was an invitation to Panchphoron for a tasting of the special colourful burgers launched in the festival. The health conscious people might assume the colour to be artificial but they are not ! They colours are obtained from natural ingredients and so they won’t affect your health. Also, the bun used in the burgers is a multi grain one, hence it stands as an healthy option too.

Coming to the menu for the Burger Festival, the inclusions are –


1. Veg Burger with mozzarella cheese balls ( ₹160 ) – The multagrain patty was moist and well seasoned. The cheese balls were perfectly done. They were quite crispy. Apart from that, the Burger was stuffed with pickled cucumber, pickled red cabbage, tomato slices and lettuce. The Burger is served with potato wedges.


2. Veg Burger with hash brown potatoes ( ₹125 ) – The Burger bun was green and similar to the previous one. The hash brown potatoes were crisp and tasty. Apart from that, the two buns were stuffed with grilled cheese, lettuce and gherkin. The overall flavour was nice.


3. Fish Burger ( ₹175 ) – This was definitely amazing ! The bun was white in colour and moist. The expected patty was replaced by two grilled fish fillets, along with kasundi, coleslaw, lettuce, raw onion slices and other veggies. The fish fillet tasted out of the world. The slight crispiness of the surface coating followed by the soft delicate fish, which almost melted in my mouth, was an amazing combo. If you are fish lover, then this is something you must order.


4. Sausage Burger ( ₹175 ) – The best among all the five burgers was this ! You can’t, just can’t, miss this out if you visit Afraa Deli during the span of this festival. Within the soft buns, were placed a few sausages, along with lettuce and glazed mustard onions. The sausage was undoubtedly the hero of the whole thing, for it was well grilled and it’s texture was good. The juiciness of the sausage hid between the moist bun was what made my day.


5. Chicken burger ( ₹175 ) – This had a crisp and thick chicken patty between the two moist buns, along with kimchi salad. The patty was well cooked and tasted good. The chicken was slightly chewy but I enjoyed it. The much needed juiciness was provided by the kimchi salad. All in all, this was a great Burger. Like the others, this too came with a bunch of potato wedges.

Overall, this Burger Festival has a lot to offer, from innovation to presentation to the amazing flavours. Also, the concept of coloured burgers like the foreign nations are yet to spread into Kolkata completely. Other than Barcelos, it is Afraa Deli who came up with this concept, and that too serving tasty burgers at a much cheaper rate than the former. So, for burger lovers, it would be unwise to miss out on this festival. The festival will continue till the 18th of September at all the four outlets of Afraa Deli at Park Circus, CC1, CC2 and Ecospace. So get geared up to visit Afraa Deli by that and get stunned by the presentation and flavours of these amazing burgers.

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