Sizzler Festival at the Fern Residency !

It is monsoon and you would definitely prefer to have something hot and sizzling on your plate. The best option to satiate your craving is the ongoing Sizzler Festival at the Fern Residency, Rajarhat New Town. Now sizzlers are something which we all love ! When it’s raining outside, sizzlers serve to be the best option for a perfect meal. The bustling sound of the sizzler and it’s unique smoky flavour, including the overall presentation makes it something irresistible!

The Fern Residency is located near City Centre 2, beside Pipal Tree, Rajarhat. It is the first zodiac themed restaurant in Kolkata. The ambience is classy and elegant and at the same time, warm and welcoming. It was an invitation to Panchphoron for a food tasting prior to the launch of their sizzler festival.

The menu for sizzler festival is huge and it would be a hard time for you to decide amongst the tempting sizzlers. The inclusions and their respective pricing for the festival are as follows –

Veg menu :

1. The green lite sizzler – ₹236
2. Cottage cheese shashlik with cheese black pepper – ₹226
3. Thread baby corn – ₹256
4. Sizzling star anise cottage cheese – ₹266
5. Bhatti ka khazana – ₹256
6. Kapi cho potatoes – ₹256

Non-veg menu :

1. Mountain jerk chicken – ₹326
2. Blackened chicken burnt garlic sauce – ₹326
3. Sizzling schezwan chicken stick – ₹326
4. Zodiac special sizzling chello kabab – ₹376
5. Jumping prawns black pepper – ₹496
6. Sizzling basa with cheddar cheese and sauce – ₹336

Desserts :

1. Sizzling brownie with ice cream – ₹196
2. Texas apple crumble pie – ₹196

Among these, the ones which I personally tasted are :


1. Bhatti ka khazana – Now that’s how an sizzler should be made if it is given an Indian touch. Unlike the same noodles and rice, this had a crispy naan as the base. As the name says, this was indeed a treasure of vegetables namely boiled potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, veg kabab, tomatoes and onions. The potato was well boiled and well spiced. The kababs prepared from minced veg mash was good too. The overall Punjabi touch in this dish is bound to impress you.


2. Thread baby corn – This was very innovative. Most of us have tasted thread chicken but none had thought of giving the same form to babycorn. The presentation was really nice. What I loved more was the crispiness of the surface coating followed by the softness of the babycorn. The noodles at the bottom were light and went well with the babycorns


3. Cottage cheese shashlik with cheese black pepper – Cottage cheese along with onions and bell peppers were served on skewers, on a bed of rice, with some fried potatoes. The cottage cheese was soft and the flavour was quite nice. The rice had the perfect smoky taste and I loved it. I generally prefer rice over noodles in a sizzler, much because rice gains the smoky flavour which is, to that extent, absent in the noodles. The fried potatoes were also good, which they had to be undoubtedly ! For vegetaraians, this is worth a try.


4. Sizzling schezwan chicken stick – Chicken was cut in the form of thin sticks, fried to crispness and tossed in a tomato-chilli based tangy sauce. The sticks were served on a bed of noodles. The somewhat bland flavour of the noodles was completely subdued by the tanginess and spiciness of the chicken sticks. The sticks were crunchy and the taste was good.



5. Sizzling basa with cheddar cheese and sauce – This was definitely the best among all the sizzlers. No I’m not saying this because I’m a bong and I have a soft corner for fish, but because i actually mean it ! A thick fillet of basa was griled and placed over a bed of rice, along with accompaniments like babycorn, brocolli, carrots etc. The fish tasted heavenly ! It was fresh and juicy ! It was so soft as to melt in my mouth. This is something one must try over here.




6. Blackened chicken burnt garlic sauce – This was another great dish. The chicken tasted lovely. The rice at the bottm accompanied the chicken well. The garlic sauce used was really nice. The sides like fried potatoes, broccoli, babycorn, etc were a perfect addition to the overall plate.


7. Texas apple crumble pie – A layer of sliced apple and banana were topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, on top of which was placed a crunchy chocolate roll. The entire setup was put on a sizzler plate. The hot fruits were well complemented by the delucate ice cream. However, a certain amount of crunchiness in the dessert could have elevated the overall taste factor. The use of nuts can definitely serve the purpose.

Overall, the sizzler festival presents some innovative and unique sizzlers before you. The flavours are sure to impress you, as would do the overall presentation. The sizzlers have been carefully chosen to suit your taste buds, so make sure what you are ordering before you place your order. The festival would run till the 28th of August so don’t miss out having some lip-smacking sizzlers in this monsoon.

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