‘Jamva Chalo Ji’ – Parsi Food Festival at Jhaal Farezi !

Parsi Food has almost lost it’s existence from the food map of Kolkata. So, on the occasion of Parsi New Year, 17th August, Jhaal Farezi has come up with Jamva Chalo Ji – a Parsi Food Festival, which is a tribute to the Parsi community. Parsi Food has a Maharashtrian touch. The speciality of this cuisine is that food is cooked slowly.

Jhaal Farezi is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Park circus area. It boasts of a lavish ambience and lip-smacking food. This time this place has come up with something new, that is, the Parsi Food Festival. The festival menu includes –

Appetizers :


Parsee Veg Kebab:
The plating is sure to impress you. At the first instance, it seemed like veg balls but there’s a lot more to it. Potato dumplings were stuffed with boiled chana dal and coconut. The dumplings were further coated with semolina and then deep fried.


Chicken Farcha:
This one is sure to impress you in terms of its look. Steamed chicken was deep fried using bread crumbs and the further was served with French fries and a tomato -kasundi mixed sauce. This was really an interesting mix of flavours!



Patrani Bekti:
‘Patrani macchi’ as the Parsis call it, is one of their traditional dishes. Fresh bhetki was sliced and marinated with coconut, poppy seeds and tamarind. Then the slices were wrapped in mango leaf and grilled. I have never thought of a dish being cooked in a mango leaf. The tanginess of tamarind and the aroma of mango leaf are sure to make this impressive.


Parsee Mutton Kebab:
Minced mutton marinated with spices was made into dumplings and then deep fried using bread crumbs. Mutton is one of the loved ingredients of Parsis and hence this definitely is an integral part of this festival. The mint sauce dip will definitely enlighten the flavours of the kabab

Veg Main :


Paneer Akuri:
Shredded paneer was cooked with curry leaves and spices. What was special about this was its stunning presentation. For vegetaraians, this is a must have !

Non-veg Main :

Saas Ni Machhi:
The fish was poached instead of being fried. It was then cooked in an authentic way in a gravy known as ‘saas ni’.

Prawn Patio:
Fresh prawn was cooked with patio masala, to give it a finger licking taste ! This was tempting enough and prawn lovers, this can’t be missed!

Sali Murgh:
Boneless chicken pieces were cooked in a traditional tomto-onion gravy and then topped with crispy fried potato sticks.


Lamb Dhansaak:
Like biryani is to Mughlai, dhansak is to Parsi Cuisine. The lamb is slow cooked using red lentils and other spices. To experience what Parsi food is, one must try this out.

Staples :

Parsee Pulav:
This is one of the staples of a Parsi meal. The rice is flavoured with nutmeg. This is indeed a great option to have with the sides.

Yellow Rice:
The rice is flavoured with saffron and coconut milk, imparting a somewhat sweet taste

Mori Dal:
Toor dal is tempered with chilli and garlic, making it spicy and tasty.

Dessert :

This is a semolina halwa which is topped with dry nuts.


This dessert was presented in a tall glass and looked really tempting. Roasted sev was cooked with coconut milk and then garnished with saffron and dry fruits


Lagan Nu Custard:
A caramel custard having rosewater and nutmeg. Must try over here !

Overall, one can’t miss out these authentic Parsi recipes. Enjoying Parsi food in Kolkata can’t be a better opportunity than this. The festival ends on 21st August, so get geared to visit Jhaal Farezi and relish your taste buds with authentic Parsi flavours!

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