Healthy food at Body N Mind Cafe !

Eating out is not always an unhealthy option. Body and Mind Cafe is one such place where food is served oil free, ensuring proper nutritional standards, thereby nourishing our body as well as mind. Thus, this place can be named as a ‘Health Cafe’. This concept is very popular in the foreign countries while in Kolkata this is very new and is yet to gain momentum.

There are a lot of health conscious people and gym freaks in Kolkata. For them this place can be a perfect destination to eat out and at the same time gain very less amount of calories. Now, locating this place is indeed difficult if one is not well acquainted with the salt lake area. The Google maps can otherwise be your saviour. What’s more surprising is that besides being a cafe, this place is a gym. That’s indeed a great advantage.

The cafe has a pleasant decor, with the walls being portrayed as a sea beach. One can leave behind all their worries and relax. I was here with my ‘Panchphoron’ group for a food tasting event. Being pleased with the overall concept, we were to try the food of this place.


1. Watermelon juice – The way the juice was presented was actually disappointing. The juice occupied a small portion at the bottom of a glass which didn’t look nice as majority of the glass was empty. Minimizing the size of the glass would be of much help, if not increasing the portion of the juice. Besides that, the juice was lovely and quite refreshing. It was low on sugar which is justified knowing that it was a health drink.

2. Smoothie – This was a banana smoothie but the texture was quite deviated from what an actual smoothie must be.


3. Baked samosa – This was quite unique from the samosas we are used to have since it’s baked and not fried. The outer skin was moist and soft. The filling was spicy and overall it was quite nice. I can actually quit the regular samosas and have this for a change !

4. Chicken momo – If you are fond of Tibetan momos, then this is something you won’t like. This is more like a home made momo with a thick filling of minced chicken. If you don’t compare it with a proper Tibetan momo, I would say it was nice.



5. Kabab rolls – The kababs, both the paneer and the chicken were well cooked but what wasn’t well was the roti with which the kababs were wrapped. The roti was somewhat dry and thus the essence of the kabab was lost.

6. Hing kachori without oil – I would say this was nice. The taste was very homely and I loved the fact that it was made so tasty inspite of being oil free.


7. Chicken steak – For me this was the hero of all the dishes. The chicken, though a bit stiff, tasted amazing with the sauce that was put over it. The sides included grilled potatoes, babycorn, peas, carrots, etc. This is something you can’t miss over here.

8. Patishapta – Being a bong, I loved this whole heartedly. It was less sweet and yet the flavours were on spot.

9. Khaja – it was crispy and sweet. Generally someone won’t prefer having this as a dessert but over here, the khaja was really good.


10. Fruit custard – I loved the consistency and balanced sweetness of this dish.

Overall, body and mind cafe has a lot to offer for health conscious people. Certain dishes won’t even let you feel that you are missing out on tasty unhealthy stuffs. I would wish Kolkata to slowly grasp this concept so that such places spring up in every corner of the city !

Body N Mind Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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