‘Jashn-E-Biryani’ Festival at Marufaz !

Who doesn’t love biryani? The count is rare. The other vast majority actually does crave for a plate of biryani. But in Kolkata it is very hard to find anything other than the same chicken and mutton biryani. Bored with the same flavours, biryani lovers are always enthusiastic of trying something different. For such people, the wait is over as Marufaz has come up with their ‘Jashn-E-Biryani’ festival introducing ten different types of biryanis which are absolutely new to our palette.

Marufaz is located on the lane opposite to Ajanta cinema. The second floor is air conditioned and is well decorated with frames and some exquisite furniture. This is for the second consecutive year that Marufaz is organizing it’s annual biryani festival and that too in the month of monsoon. Panchphoron was invited at inauguration of the biryani festival at Marufaz.The ten biryanis which are introduced are mutton kachhi biryani, chicken tikka biryani, machli biryani, prawn biryani, mutton moti biryani, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, soyabean biryani and echorer ( jackfruit) biryani.


The flavours are more inclined towards Hyderabadi biryani and less towards that of Lucknow. The ones which I tried out are –


1. Chicken tikka biryani – Don’t expect this to taste like a normal chicken biryani. This was much beyond that. Initially boneless chicken pieces were marinated with ginger garlic paste, curd, red chilli paste, etc. Then the chicken pieces were cooked into a thick gravy using milk, chicken stock, etc. This was placed at the bottom of a handi above which was added a certain amount of half-boiled rice, which was further topped with cream, cardamom powder, saffron and the lid of the handi was sealed with a dough. The handi was then put on the oven for dum for around half an hour. The biryani was spicy, tangy and tasted superb. A special mention goes toh the chicken pieces which were soft and perfectly spiced.


2. Mutton moti biryani – How many of you would actually try this knowing that it has minced mutton balls and not mutton pieces? But, if you go my suggestion, then this is something you must try. Minced mutton was made into small balls which can be compared to moti. The mutton balls were amazing. The flavours were on spot and most importantly they melted in my mouth. One can’t stop having this ! The entire biryani was loaded with generous portions of the mutton balls. Once you have this, you won’t even think that you missed out a mutton piece.

3. Fish biryani – As per my knowledge very few restaurants in Kolkata serve this dish and being a fish lover, I had tasted fish biryani everywhere and none was able to impress me and stand up to my expectations. But Marufaz did it ! The biryani had the strong aroma of fish, the smell itself was irresistible. The fish was cooked really well, as the pieces of fish were soft and juicy. Being a Bong and an ardent fish lover, the plate of fish biryani was a plate of heaven for me.


4. Bamboo biryani – Surprise and amazement will be your first reaction when you get to hear of this. We all are quite familiar now with the Bansa Pora Mutton but who did think that Marufaz will come up with a thought of a much higher level, by cooking biryani within bamboo ! This is very innovative and risky at the same time. The flavour of biryani might change under this process, which may not suit our palette for biryani. But the risk was taken and it proved to be a successful venture ! The biryani had an amazing flavour and the best part was that the mutton pieces were extremely soft, so as to melt in the mouth ! This particular dish is the hero of the whole festival and I’m quite sure everyone visiting Marufaz would be curious to try this out !


Among the other variants,& prawn biryani is something what prawn lovers must try. Also the veg biryanis – the soyabean and the echorer biryani are innovative and one must try them out to find how these elements are implemented into the biryani.

Apart from the biryanis, there will be a four course, set meal which includes an appetizer, four types of kabab, mutton biryani, chicken chap and firni, priced at ₹450 plus taxes. This platter is also a steal deal. The kababs were amazing and a special mention goes to the firni, which was dense and perfectly sweet.

Overall, Marufaz is a clear winner for the biryani festival has everything to impress everyone. The flavours are authentic and it would be wise to try out the rare varieties during the festival period. The chef needs a huge round of applause for his brilliant work. I loved all the four variants I tasted and it was difficult to find any fault in them. Actually, I was lost in the taste ! The other flavours are bound to be as promising as these four ! The festival will continue till 31st August so hurry up before it ends !

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