Bloggers Meet at Zucca Lounge!

With its stunning ambience and amazing food, stands Zucca Lounge in one of the bylanes of Southern Avenue. In just three months of its opening, Zucca has turned into a very successful venture, being very much popular among the youngsters. The day I saw the pictures of the ambience, I was really excited to visit this place to enjoy the rooftop atmosphere but little did I realise that the food here is much more awesome than the ambience, both of which are the reason behind the speedy success of this place !

Talking of a typical rooftop ambience, blue and beyond had been everyone’s first preference but the food there had always been below average. So with Zucca’s entry, the crowd is almost shifting to this new venture. Though zucca’s rooftop is quite small compared to the former, the food here is so amazing that it almost gives you the feel of that of proper fine dining restaurant.

Panchphoron was recently invited at Zucca lounge for a food tasting session. It is located on the third and fourth floor of the building which houses Lavanna spa. The rooftop ambience is amazing. Everything has been done in white from the curtains and pillows to the sofas and chairs. This is such an amazing picturesque that one will definitely fall for this place.

Generally, places of this genre serve somewhat average food and this was what I had expected from Zucca. But I was very much surprised when almost everything was perfect and the best that I could expect from them ! We started with the mocktails :

1.Peach Bull – This was presented in a tall glass. The drink looked really good. It had a blend of peach syrup, lemon juice, lemonade and strawberry syrup, garnished with lemon slices and topped with red bull. It was sweet and refreshing.

2. Buck’s Nursery Fizz – This was a water based fizzy drink and obviously one of my favorites! Here, orange juice was topped with ginger ale, which is essentially a pallate cleanser. What was good about this was its simplicity and the refreshing flavours.


3. Jack Frost – Presented in a martini glass, this was stunning ! The fusion of blue Curacao and pineapple juice had imparted a blue colour and a sweet taste to the drink. It was garnished with grated coconut, which made it much more amazing !

4. Cranberry Icetea – This was again presented in a tall glass. The drink was prepared from cranberry juice, lemon and tea liquor. It was sweet, chilled and refreshing. This was a perfect ice tea!

5. Green apple Mojito – The best among the mocktails, may be due to my personal preference, was this drink. Not only green apple, the mocktail had a blend of mint, lemon juice and tea. I was very much refreshing. Loved it !

6. Oreo Poppers – Being an Oreo lover, this was heaven for me. This was milk based, thick, consistent and tasty ! The blend of milk and cream was perfect. The topping of broken Oreo biscuits added to the taste.

7. Coco Island – This was made with banana, milk and chocolate syrup. For my personal dislike towards banana, the flavour didn’t please my taste buds. The others enjoyed it though !


8. Antioxidant – This was presented in the best way however the flavours were unbalanced and the drink was somehow bland, the ingredients being watermelon, pineapple and cucumber. The flavour of watermelon was prominent and the drink was consistent.

The next section was that of the soups and the starters.

1. Masala French fries – In zucca, the normal dishes come with a slight twist. Don’t mistake these to be a normal French fry. These are very crispy and come with a spicy coating. The dish was so irresistible that it got emptied in even less than two minutes!

2. Classic Manchow soup – The presentation was lovely, specially the small colourful buckets carrying crispy noodles. As for the soup, I never expected the Chinese to be that good but the soup literally gave a knock to my taste buds. It was prepared from chicken stock, ginger, garlic and eggs. The flavours were on spot. With the crispy noodles, the soup tasted amazing !


3. Clay pot morsel of chicken – Juicy and succulent boneless chicken tikka kababs were served with chopped salad and a coriander dip. The spices used in the marination of the chicken had imparted a fine flavour to the chicken. This was indeed lovely.

4. Xacuti spice corn dusted chicken – This dish once again proved the art of the chef in plating and presentation of the dishes, which is a very important parameter for the person who would eat the food. The dish was more like a schnitzel. Chicken strips were fried to crispness. The soft layer of chicken was covered by a crunchy coating. The tangy sauce ( which I suppose was prepared using tamarind ) was a perfect compliment for this starter.

5. Fish tossed in celery and salt – This was again an Oriental starter and it was good. Small crispy balls of fish, marinated with coriander and lemon, were tossed in capsicum, tomato, onions, etc. The fish was soft and fresh, and tasted good.

The main course had certain specialities from the menu :


1. Shanghai surprise – This was a pizza which tasted very nice. The crust was thin and crispy. The toppings were of chicken, American corn, bell peppers, jalapenos and a lot of cheese. The special sauce used in the pizza deserves a special mention.

2. Pan fried noodles – This is one of my favourites in any oriental restaurant and i was very happy when zucca served me this. This dish was prepared very well. The pan fried noodles were topped with stir fried veggies and chicken. The chicken was well cooked and the gravy was very nice!

3. Chicken Cacciatore – This was again lovely ! Grilled chicken was placed on a bed of mashed potato, drizzled with mushroom pepper sauce, along with veggies and garlic bread. The chicken was well cooked and the mushroom sauce was out of the world. It was the hero of the dish.

Our meal ended with the amazing desserts:


1. Cheesecake with blueberry compote – The cheesecake was well prepared! The sweetness was maintained throughout. The blueberry compote served at the top was very nice. This was a certainly a great dish.

2. Brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce – A very common dish and it tasted good. I loved the fact that the chocolate sauce was served in a beaker. The brownie was very delicious !

Overall, zucca lounge is a place where amazing food somehow beats the stunning ambience. Each and every dish that was served to us, turned out to be amazing ! Would love visiting this place again in near future !

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