An Evening at ‘Foodie By Nature’

Staying near Southern Avenue and looking for a good home delivery option? Wait no more and contact Foodie by Nature. Located on Purna Das Road, close to Hindustan Park, this is indeed a hidden gem. In comparison to the many high profile restaurants in the neighbourhood, this might look dull but the food here will make you come back here again and again. Specializing in both North Indian and Chinese, this twelve seater is perhaps one of the best options in the area to have finger licking food at a pocket friendly price. However, in my view, a takeaway or home delivery is the best option over here. Open till 12am, this place is a saviour for all hungry souls nearby, at that time of night.

Recently, ‘Panchphoron’ was invited at Foodie by Nature for a food tasting session. Though small, the interiors are well done in a colourful way. Most importantly it’s air conditioned! The effort that the owner has put into this small place is actually visible ! Now, let’s talk about the part for which you are reading my blog and that’s the food :



1. Chicken tandoori momos – Six momos were served on a bed of salad, with the chef’s special sauce. The momos were stuffed with minced chicken, marinated with spices and then grilled! I suppose wow momo is the only place that serves tandoori momos and this being the second one in the city. I haven’t found this dish anywhere else. However, Wow Momo, though being a famous brand, with branches spread throughout India, fails in terms of quality and taste before the tandoori momos which I had at Foodie by nature. Perfectly grilled, the momos had the much needed smoky flavour of the tandoor. The chicken stuffing was really well made. Infact it was quite different from the Tibetan momos which we are used to have. The stuffing was made in the form of chicken keema, which is like a popular dish in every Indian household. This made the momos more unique. Coming to the taste, I really loved it.

2. Veg tandoori momos – Let me guess what’s in your mind. Being a non vegetarian, may be you won’t even read the description that I’ve put up for the veg momos but just halt for a second and go through it before you skip to the next non veg dish. Now, let me shock you by saying that the veg momo was better than the non veg one ! There lies the speciality of foodie by nature, where the veg tastes better than the non veg food. Now, talking of the momo, it was presented and prepared in a similar way as the former, just that the momo had an oval shape. The stuffing was just amazing ! Veggies along with paneer are made into a mash with the Indian spices. The taste will make you spellbound ! My recommendation is to try out this one instead of the regular chicken momo.


3. Chicken Afghani Malai Tikka Kabab – Popularly known as malai kabab, the name itself is enough to make you crazy ! Being an ardent fan of malai kabab, I was really eager to try this out. Six large sized boneless chicken cubes were marianted with malai and grilled. They were placed on a bed of fresh salad, garnished with cream and cheese. One bite and wow ! The kababs can easily give a tough competition to established places like Arsalan and Aminia ! The chicken was soft and juicy and the malai made it much more awesome. This definitely needs a try on my second visit !

4. Stuffed aloo tandoori – This is one of my favourites and so I had a lot of expectations from this. However, this wasn’t upto the mark. Roasted potato was grilled and stuffed with spices. The two things I disliked about this was that the pototao wasn’t perfectly boiled and secondly the stuffing had a high ginger content. Otherwise, I can still term this is a good dish, in terms of presentation and whatsoever!

5. Chicken keema churchur naan – A large sized crispy naan, stuffed with minced chicken keema, was served with rajma, chola and raita. To begin with I loved the naan and the accompaniments. It was crispy and the stuffing was good. The rajma was well boiled and tasted very nice. Also, the chola was nicely prepared and had the expected north Indian touch. Both went very well with the naan. The raita however was a little sweet which it wasn’t supposed to be ! This dish itself is a meal and is enough to satiate the hunger of a single person.

6. Paneer churchur naan – As mentioned earlier of the veg being better than the non veg, this dish proved it again. The stuffing was much more tasty than the previous one, the other accompaniments being the same.

Done with the starters, the next to arrive at our table was the main course :


1. Chicken tikka butter masala – The owner claimed this to be their bestseller and indeed it was that good. Large sized pieces of chicken were roasted and cooked with butter and spices, in a finger licking gravy. The chicken was soft and juicy and the gravy was full of flavours. I really loved the fact that the chicken had the required flavours without being cooked in a gravy filled with oil, which is the major issue with the north Indian restaurants.

2. Oregano naan – Well this is the speciality of foodie by nature. The naan is stuffed with butter and then oregano is sprinkled over it. The naan was crispy and tasted good. It went very well with the chicken tikka butter masala and the combo of both were awesome !

3. Mixed fried rice – This was cooked with rice of fine quality, along with generous proportions of egg, chicken and prawn. This was slightly low on spices and one might find it bland, but in my opinion this was light yet tasty. The flavour and aroma of the rice were really good.


4. Momo Manchurian – Now, this was something innovative. The fried momos were cooked in a Manchurian gravy. I somehow felt that the gravy was quite sweet. Infact with momos, something spicy is generally expected. Still it tasted good and went will with the fried rice.

Overall, this is a perfect place for ordering some finger licking food. The North Indian is better than the Chinese here, specially the malai kabab and the momos, which I’m listing under North Indian section due to the flavours and the tandoor concept. The service is unexpectedly fast, as the next dish reached our tables before we were done with the previous one. Hopefully will have food from here very soon !

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