American Snacks at Snack Street Cafe !

Well, it’s really surprising that I haven’t ever come across this hidden gem, Snack Street Cafe, which inspite of occupying a prominent location near Alipore State Bank, is shadowed by the glamorous look of the adjacent Paris Cafe. It is actually difficult to get this place unless you are searching for it, but the day you try out this place, it’s sure to make a permanent place in your heart. As said earlier, a hungry person would obviously step into Paris Cafe, going by its amazing decor which has the potential to attract customers, while there’s almost nothing that Snack Street Cafe has that will attract a customer towards it. This is the major con of this place, the others being lack of space and no seating area. In spite of this, in my view, Snack Street Cafe stands far ahead of its immediate neighbour, the reason being the one and only thing that a foodie needs, and that’s good food !

Snack street cafe, as the name suggests, serves snacks like burgers, wraps, fried chicken and even momos ! Before talking of my experience, let me draw a short contrast between Snack Street Cafe and one of the leading international brands specializing in fried chicken. As for the brand, being very famous, attracts a lot of customers. This brand initially served great food, but has degraded in terms of quality with time. The wraps, burgers, fries whatever I try here tend to taste dry and stale most of the time while in Snack street cafe each snack, be it a burger, wrap or a fry is prepared with fresh ingredients and the effort of the staff is reflected from the taste. Thus, in my opinion, this hidden gem needs immediate recognition.

Panchphoron was recently invited at Snack Street Cafe for a food tasting session. Talking of my experience at this place, I would first of all give a huge round of applause to the owner, Jayant Sethia, for converting an ATM into such an amazing place! ( Yes, you saw it right. This place used to be an ATM previously ). Now, coming to the food, we had :

1. Chicken egg snack street wrap – Undoubtedly, this is the one of the most amazing thing that I tasted in this year. I believe this to be the USP of the place. The brand I was talking of has almost made me hate wraps after the horrible one I tasted in one of their outlets, which was prepared from hard, stale chapati and stuffed with some tasteless things but thanks to Snack street cafe for helping me revive that.
A layer of fried chicken and egg were rolled with fresh salad and chef’s special sauce in a roomali roti and grilled. I can never expect this simple dish to taste so good. I was really surprised with the first bite and then it was almost impossible to stop myself from finishing the whole of it. This was simply unparallel. The roti was extremely soft, the chicken being crispy and juicy and a special mention to the sauce which was the hero of the dish and played to the role to bind all the flavours together. I can’t say more of this as my mouth is watering and I’m craving to have this. So, this is something one should not dare to miss out !

2. Chicken tandoori wrap – My taste buds were literally dancing after I had the first wrap when the second one was served before us. This turned out to be extremely delicious again. Chicken smoked in tandoor was wrapped in a roomali roti with fresh salad and a special sauce, and then grilled. As expected, tasted good and the best part is that it was totally different from the previous one. The sauce used here was spicy and tangy to give the much required indian flavour. Comparing both, I somehow loved the first one more than this 😃

3. Fried chicken – And this was what I had been waiting for. The chicken was fried to perfect crispness. It was heavenly to experience the crispy chicken pieces tickle my taste buds. This was probably the best fried chicken I tasted till date, much much better than the brand I was talking of.

4. Egg burger – This can definitely be heaven for an eggytarian. A sunny side up egg was placed above a thick layer of sauce, sanwdiched between two buns. The buns were soft and well seasoned. I loved the mayo and cheese sauce, used in enormous amounts in the base. Though a very simple dish, yet it did stand upto my expectations after having its predecessors.

5. Chicken and cheese garlic bread – This is a new inclusion in the menu, and is definitely going to be a hit among foodies ! Garlic bread was stuffed with minced chicken and generous amount of cheese, marinated with spices prepared in house and grilled. The garlic bread, though over grilled, tasted good. I specially liked the stuffing which gave the dish a new dimension.

The veg dishes included:

1. Veg Mexican wrap – A roomali roti was stuffed with vegetable patty and grilled. The patty had mashed potatoes, American corn, peas, spices prepared in house and the special sauce. I liked the softness of the roti and the tanginess of the wrap. It was good but after having the chicken one, I believe they need to work one this. The patty also wasn’t crispy as in the previous case.

2. Fried Veg Momo – I generally prefer steamed momos but this one was actually good. The stuffing was great as was the crispy outer coating. The sauce, too, was well prepared and complimented the momos well.

Overall, I’m really doubtful as to why such an amazing place is so underrated, which is actually surprising. I wish my post reaches to large amount of audience and they come to know about this hidden gem. Also, I wish Snack Street Cafe expands and opens outlets in various parts of the city. I would return definitely and till then keep ordering from this place, the egg chicken snack street wrap being the first thing I order from here everytime !

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