Classic Italian Dinner at Alla Bella Mozzarella!

Alla Bella Mozzarella, located on the lane opposite to the petrol pump adjacent to Hazra Road, is as quirky as it’s name. This place specializes in Italian cuisines, as the name suggests. Recently, Panchphoron was invited here for a food tasting session. The restaurant, though small, has got a fine decor. Pizzas are prepared from wood fire in front of customers, which is a delight to watch.

Starting with the mocktails, we tried –

1. Cranberry lemonade – This drink was refreshing with the sweetness of cranberry and the tanginess of lemon.

2. Lemon iced tea – Though not a big fan of iced teas, I loved this for its subtle flavour.

3. Homemade lemonade – The best among the three was this. Tangy, sweet, refreshing and chilled all together – just the right balance of everything!

Next, we had Arrostito peperone which is a soup prepared from garlic, Parmesan, roasted red bell pepper, a hint of cream and black pepper. It was thick and tasted out of the world. The soup was creamy and delectable, the best Italian soup I have tasted till date.

Smoked chicken Caesar salad was served next where the base was of iceberg lettuce, topped with smoked chicken, Parmesan and pesto marinated croutons, lime juice and salad dressing. The salad was fresh and juicy. The salad dressing was tangy and the croutons were crispy and tasty. Loved this !

Among the appetizers, we had :

1. Patate fritte in Arrabbiata sauce – potato wedges were fried to a golden crispy batter and sauted in Arrabbiata sauce. The wedges were somehow overfried, but the marination was tasty !

2. Focaccia mozzarella – This is focaccia bread baked in house in wood fire. The bread had a thin crispy crust, layered with a thick amount of mozzarella cheese. Served hot, it tasted just amazing.

Moving on to the pasta section, we tried :

1. Spaghetti bolognese – spaghetti cooked in olive oil was topped with classic minced lamb meat sauce. This was very well made. A special mention to the bolognese sauce which was just perfect. Much recommended!

2. Spaghetti di pollo – spaghetti was tossed in garlic butter sauce along with minced chicken pieces. Ample amount of chicken was given and the sauce used was equally delicious.!

We ended our meal with pizzas, which is their specialty section.

1. Bella Prosciutto – thin crust pizza, topped with mozzarella cheese, ham and mushrooms. The pizza was indeed well done.

2. Marinara – This had toppings of mozzarella cheese, garlic prawns, squid rings, anchovies and capers. I haven’t tasted any seafood pizza of this sort previously and this one was just amazing. Loved it to the last bite !

Overall, Alla Bella Mozzarella is definitely one of the best Italian restaurant in the city. The amazing soups, salads, pastas and obviously the pizzas are something to die for. Would be back soon to taste some other dishes from the menu !

 Alla Bella Mozzarella Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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