The Coolest Van in Town !

Food truck is a concept very popular in America and the European countries. In the last few years, food trucks have gained momentum all over India. In Calcutta, it was probably in last year that a food truck was launched and since then, this has turned into a revolution with new food trucks being introduced in various parts of the city. The reason behind the popularity is probably a food truck provides a vast number of dishes, at a very cheap price, maintaining proper quality and hygiene, and prepares food at a faster rate, thereby attracting a huge crowd, who are otherwise reluctant to sit in a restaurant, where service time is longer and pricing is comparatively high. The latest addition in Calcutta is #Tageat, which claims to be the coolest van in the town ! Owners Tanay Kapoor and Laveen Thawani are doing a challenging and commendable job but putting up the food truck selling various non vegetarian stuffs in Camac street, which is dominated by vegetarian eateries. Within a month, a new van would be launched in New market, and within a year #Tageat would be present in almost every corner of the city !

Panchphoron was invited over a food tasting at #Tageat. The van is located just beside Fort Knox, Camac street and what we found was that it has gained much popularity within a small time. Also looking into the fact that this almost new, it was surprising to see that they are ready with such a vast array of dishes ranging from sandwiches, burgers and Vada paws to biryani and kababs! There is no place to sit around, so takeaway is the best option. The owners are very friendly and hospitable, and made us taste a few of their specialities.

The kababs were extremely delicious. It was extremely surprising they are preparing such amazing kababs, within that small clumsy space inside the van. We tried chicken sarson kabab, chicken tikka and chicken reshmi kabab. Each kabab had a distinct flavour, and it was difficult to say which one was the best of the lot, though in my opinion sarson kabab wins ! The chicken was soft and tasted fresh. They were served on a plate which freshly chopped salad and dhania chutney. The sarson kabab was marinated with mustard and grilled. So being a Bong, this flavour touched my heart. It was too delicious and just melted in the mouth. The tikka kabab was marinated with fresh herbs and spices and grilled. It was perfectly spicy. The reshmi kabab was layered with cream and had a divine taste. The kababs were damn delicious and can give a strong competetion to any established Mughlai restaurant in the city. It’s my strong suggestion to try them out.

Next we had their chicken biryani (they don’t sell mutton). At just 90 bucks, the quality and the quantity of the biryani is really commendable. Firstly, it is hard to imagine that a food truck can serve biryani and secondly, the taste and quality are top notch. The rice used was of fine quality, tha aloo was perfectly boiled,as the chicken was. The biryani was really delicious and one plate is more than enough to fill up a person.

Masala cheese Vada Paw was again great. A spicy grilled patty was placed between two soft, well-seasoned buns and flavoured with mayonnaise and cheese. This is a great option for vegetaraians. The patty was crispy and spicy, like a proper Vada Paw. It was served with tomato sauce and dhania chutney.

Next we tried the cheese momos. The steamed momos were sprinkled with grated cheese. The chicken momo was good. The outer covering was thin, filled with generous stuffing of minced chicken. The veg momo was also nice, with a filling of spicy veggies !

The last dish was the maggi sandwich ! This sounded innovative to me. Cooked maggi was stuffed inside sandwich and grilled. This tasted good. However, I would suggest to add some veggies in it, which would give some crispness to the sandwich, which otherwise tasted soggy.

The cold coffee was a decent one. Since that’s the only option to drink, one can give it a try. It was refreshing but it’s consistency can be worked upon.

Overall, #Tageat did turn out to be a hidden gem for me, with some amazing biryani and kababs ! Some dishes were excellent while some need a little improvement to attain perfection. I would personally recommend to try their kababs and biryani, which were truly amazing. Being a new outlet, Tageat is doing an exceptional job. Will soon be visiting for more !

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