Tasting of Liquid Nitrogen Ice creams at Mumble’s Lab!

Liquid nitrogen is relatively a new ingredient used in the production of ice creams, which makes it really fast to make any ice cream, thereby reducing the work of storing and frosting, and saving the time involved in this process. Grasping this idea, Mumble’s Lab has come into the city. With its wide array of flavours and amazing ice creams, this place has gained huge popularity in a very short time. Apart from saving time, liquid nitrogen imparts a proper texture to the ice cream, making it extremely smooth and fresh, unlike normal ice creams which tend to remain as crystals basically under constant freezing. This is where Mumble’s Lab has gone a step ahead of all other ice cream parlours and the city. The freshness, smooth texture, amazing taste and unique flavours of the liquid nitrogen ice creams have made Mumble’s Lab a very happening place.

Now, Mumble’s Lab has a short story behind its name. The story goes like there was a penguin named Mumble, who was too fond of ice creams. In school, he came to know that a vast portion of the atmosphere is occupied by nitrogen gas, which is inert and has got no particular use. So he started thinking to convert nitrogen into something beneficial. It was in this way, that the idea of making ice cream using liquid nitrogen came to his mind. Mumble worked on his lab, and finally created the most innovative ice creams of different flavours using liquid nitrogen. Through this story, the name Mumble’s Lab has come up.

Recently, Panchphoron was invited over a food tasting at Mumble’s lab. It is located in Theatre Road, next to Kafe Bindass. The dΓ©cor is amazing. The walls depict the story of the penguin, Mumble and also the formula and structure of certain chemical compounds. The flavours available are shown in a very interesting way, in the form of a periodic table, where the initials of the flavours correspond to the symbols of elements in the actual Periodic Table. We were made to taste some of their special flavours. The ice creams were prepared in front of us and it was really interesting to see them being made. Out of the wide array of flavours available here, the ones which we sorted out and tasted were :

1. Orange caramel – I was really surprised to see this ice cream having a brown colour, when it is expected to have an orange colour. Though this looked deceptive, but tasted amazing. The orange and caramel were blended in such a way that a light brown colour was imparted to the overall ice cream. The mixed flavour of orange and caramel was new for me and I loved it !

2. Ginger honey basil – Now here comes a medicinal ice cream ! The flavours are infused with ginger which imparts zing, honey which imparts sweetness, and basil which imparts freshness. This type of flavour was very new for me, and the taste was really interesting.

3. Bournvita – The rich flavour of bournvita, mixed with dark chocolate had made this flavour really pleasing to the taste buds.

4. Cookiewich with Nutella – This was the one I loved the most and I guess everybody will for sure πŸ˜€ The presentation resembled a deconstructed ice cream sandwich. Two handmade cookies were placed between two scoops of ice cream. I almost ended licking my spoon !

5. Nutella – This flavour was really yummy, a very common yet one of my favourite flavours.

6. Thandai – A milk drink, which is traditionally had after Holi, is prepared as an ice cream over hete. This was so delicious that it came to our table and was finished in a minute !

7. Kairi Pudina – The presentation was really quirky. This had pudina, kairi, chaat masala and was topped with pulse. It tasted exactly as if I was having a hajmola flavoured ice cream. The taste was tangy and to an extent spicy. So the ones, who are looking for a different flavour, this one is for you !

8. Tiramisu – This was dense and creamy and came with two bread sticks. The flavour of coffee liquor was really great.

9. Peanut butter – This was good again, sweet and somewhat salty. Since Mumble’s wanted to introduce savoury flavours, they opted for this one !

10. Strawberry – This was too good ! Though more on the sweeter end, the taste was just irresistible. The scoop of ice cream topped with the amazing sauce, was something indeed great!

Now, the tagline of Mumble’s says “Your ice your way” where the customers can get anything of their choice and the staff will readily make ice cream out of it for them. We tried three different flavours using this idea.

1. Nutella with snickers – It tasted really good when snickers was mixed with Nutella. I loved this more, since snickers is one of my favourites.

2. Dragon balls – This is an interesting name given to marshmallows dipped in liquid nitrogen, thereby giving it crunchiness from outside and keeping the interior soft. This was nice.

13. Vanilla with Krishnanagar speciality – It happened to be like one of my fellow team member had brought Krishnanagar’s special sorbhaja and sorpuria and the idea of making an ice cream with it struck us suddenly ! We were really amazed when the ice cream was placed before us. It tasted very delicious!

Overall, I’m glad that a place like Mumble’s lab are making way to my city, thus giving us the opportunity to visualise and taste something unique. Each flavour I tasted, was amazing ! The entire team had done a commendable job. Also, I would like to thank them for the pack of goodies which was gifted to me at the end of the food tasting session. I loved having each of them. Hope to visit Mumble’s soon !

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