Hilsa Festival at 6 Ballygunge Place!

With the arrival of monsoon, comes the perfect time for hilsas to reach Bengal. It is during this season ( mid June to October) that hilsa is readily available in the market at decent prices, thus attracting the hilsa-loving Bengalis. The restaurants in the city do not miss out this golden opportunity and almost every restaurant serving Bengali cuisines comes up with hilsa special dishes in their menu. I was invited for one such occasion at 6 Ballygunge Place.

6bp is the first name that comes to my mind whenever my parents insist on having some good Bengali food. So, I was kinda excited of getting to taste my favourite fish at one of my favourite restaurants. 😀 Talking about the hilsa festival, 6bp had arranged 11 hilsa preparations along with a special hilsa thali which will be available during the course of this festival.

1. Ilish Macher Tikia ( ₹485 ) – pan grilled hilsa medallions flavoured with mint and other spices.

2. Ilish Porotha ( ₹350 ) – This looks exactly like a moghlai Porotha just the stuffing is of hilsa and egg ! Sounds great and even tastes so 😀

3. Ilish Potoler Dolma ( ₹485 ) – Potoler Dolma ( pointed gourd ) is one of my personal favourite’s, and when the stuffing is of hilsa, the taste gets more impressive. The hilsa stuffed potols were cooked in a rich tomato onion gravy, making it an amazing dish.

4. Ilish Begun Roll ( ₹425 ) – grilled slices of brinjal were stuffed with hilsa and fried. The spicy hilsa stuffing was amazing. The coating was very crispy. I simply loved this dish, as did the other guests who tasted it. All in all, this is a must have dish.

5. Ilish Malaikari ( ₹855 ) – I’m used to having the traditional prawn Malaikari so I did never try out the same recipe with hilsa. 6bp gave me an opportunity to do so but somehow I wasn’t satisfied. The coconut gravy lacked salt and was a little watery.

6. Ilish Dopiyaja ( ₹855 ) – Hilsa was cooked in a rich curd, tomato and onion gravy. The dish had an amazing aroma and taste. The fish tasted soft and fresh.

7. Lau Pata diye Rasooni Bhapa Ilish ( ₹855 ) – In the dish, the hilsa was initially marinated with garlic and then wrapped in a pumpkin leaf and steamed ! This is one of the dishes very popular in Bangladesh, though not much in Bengal. It tasted very good.

8. Gobindo bhog ilish ( ₹650 ) – Here, the hilsa comes along with a bed of yellow rice ( polao ). The dish tastes as delicious as it looks. One must try this out !

9. Smoked ilish ( ₹1555 ) – Boneless hilsa marinated with continental style and baked with a smoky flavor.

10. Aam tel ilish ( ₹855 ) – hilsa cooked in a mango pickle flavoured gravy. The tanginess of the pickle was the USP of this dish. This is worth having.

11. Ilish Macher matha diye kochushak ( ₹350 ) – a very common dish made in our home but one should try this at 6bp coz of its excellent taste and the large head of the fish served with the dish.

12. Ilish thali ( ₹1200 ) – The thali comprises of rice, dal, ilish Macher tel, ilish Macher dim bhaja, ilish Macher matha diye kochushak, ilish Malaikari and ilish peti sondesh. Thus a single thali has a lot to offer to all hilsa lovers.

Overall, 6bp has put up a great show with innovative and amazing preparations of hilsa that are bound to amaze us. The festival will continue till 17th July. So, one shouldn’t miss out this festival at all.

 6 Ballygunge Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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