Pasta Festival at Afraa Deli

Pasta, nowadays, has turned out to be a very common dish available almost in every cafe or continental restaurant in the city. But rarely would one expect to find something other than penne or spaghetti in Arrabbiata, Pesto or Bolognese sauces. These have turned too mainstream nowadays and pasta lovers in the city are craving for something unique and different. In this scenario, Afraa Deli has come up with its Pasta Festival, launching eight exclusive pastas in their menu. I was invited here as a member of ‘Paanchphoron’ to taste the amazing range of pastas.

The eight pastas are unique and are probably not available in any of the restaurants in the city. Thus, Afraa has done an excellent job by bringing such rare pastas before foodies. The eight pastas include :

1. Mulligatawny broth with small pasta ( ₹210 ) – Small pasta cooked in a thick hot and sour soup with pototao and other veggies. It was aromatic and tasted fine.

2. Russian vegetable stroganoff with stir fried spaghetti ( ₹250 ) – This was my favourite among all the eight pastas. Spaghetti was tossed with capsicum, mushroom, asparagus, olives, etc in cheese sauce – an amazing dish, which can’t be avoided.

3. Egyptian koshary ( ₹230 ) – This is rice and penne pasta mixed together, topped with garlic vinegar and spicy tomato sauce, and garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions. This was unique and very tasty. The soft pasta and rice with the juicy chickpeas tasted great. For the ones looking for something different, this must be your choice.

4. Spanish Pasta Puttanesca ( ₹230 ) – Flat pasta tossed in olive oil and cooked in a tangy sauce with tomato and olives. This was nice.

5. The Great Britain macaroni, cheddar and Bandel cheese au gratin ( ₹230 ) – This was delicious. Bandel cheese is a type of salty cheese. It was mixed with cheddar cheese and baked with macaroni. This is specially for the ones who prefer pasta with cheese.

6. Shrimp chilli green peas and pasta in Mexican way ( ₹300 ) – So finally comes up a non vegetarian pasta loaded with shrimps and peas, cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce. This is a good option for non vegetarians.

7. Fettuccini with veggies and Thai green curry ( ₹250 ) – pasta loaded with fresh and juicy veggies tossed in Thai curry. This was impressive!

8. Children’s special sausage and spaghetti thread with tomato caper sauce ( ₹280 ) – The ultimate dish which is the star of the festival. I haven’t tasted rather seen spaghetti passing through a chicken sausage , a totally different form of the common dish ‘spaghetti with meatballs’. The presentation was incredible as was its taste. Not only children, even adults are bound to like this !

Overall, the pasta festival is a must try for every pasta lover across the city, not only for the unique range of the pastas, but also for the amazing flavours and their affordable rates !

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