Launch of New Menu at BJ’s cafe !

BJ’s cafe, one of the most happening places in the town, is a perfect destination for the youth to chill and hangout with their fellow buddies. The loud music, the quirky ambience and above all the delicious food, at this place can’t be ignored at all. I was invited here to try out the new dishes which are being launched in the menu !

The cafe enjoys a prominent location near Hazra crossing. From outside, one won’t realize the surprise that awaits inside. The place is quite large, having separate sections for different sports, thereby living up to the expectations of every sportive person. The concept that has been applied to build up the cafe, is unique and probably the one of its kind in South Kolkata ! One can enjoy hookah, take selfies, enjoy the loud music or relish the lovely food.

Coming to the point, i.e, FOOD. The menu has been set up mostly to attract the vegetarian crowd. But being a hardcore non-vegtarian, the food didn’t fail to impress me.

We started with drinks :

1. Cranberry mojito pitcher – This is what one needs to get relief from the hot, sultry weather. It was chilled, fizzy and refreshing, a perfect thirst quencher.

2. Paan mojito – With a strong flavour of pan and a tinge of lime, this drink is surely a burst of refreshment !

3. Lemon iced tea – Perhaps it needed to be a little more tangy. Nevertheless, I enjoyed sipping it.

4. Mango mint flash – For the ones who prefer shakes and other such milk-based drinks, this one can’t be missed. It was consistent, sweet and well made.

5. Strawberry burst – This was placed in a tall glass topped with crispy, strawberry cream filled chips and strawberry jam. Made with dense strawberry cream, this is something to die for.

Coming to the food, we tasted :

1. Chicken Cordon Bleu – This is the only non-vegtarian dish in the new menu. The outer covering was crisp while the filling was of chicken and cheese. With garlic bread, it tasted amazing, though increasing the amount of cheese could have taken its taste to the next level.

2. Cheese Rosti Rice – This dish comes from Basel, Switzerland.  It contained chopped potato patty sauted in white cheese sauce and served on a bed of herbed rice!

3. Chilli cheese toast – Crispy toast filled with cheese, green chillies and bell peppers, perfect for some light snacks !

4. Mexican lasagne – Kidney beans and assorted veggies cooked in red sauce and baked with cheese. This was amazing !

5. Veg corn Florentine – Never had I sacrificed my love for a fish Florentine and opt for the veg one. But this place gave me the chance of tasting a veg Florentine and I was more than impressed ! Spinach, american sweet corn and baby corn cooked in cheese sauce and baked! This was the best among all the ones I had !

6. Veg stroganoff – Assorted veggies cooked in cheese sauce and served on a bed of buttered rice. This was god too !

7. Crispy veg in Green chilli sauce – Spinach and assorted veggies cooked in butter and ginger garlic chilli paste! It tasted good, but the crispness was lacking, maybe since we had it late !

9. Pad Thai noodles – So a direct drift from continental to Thai! Thai flat noodles were cooked with bell peppers, lemon grass, thai ginger, coconut milk, lemon juice, onions and sauted in red curry paste, spicy and tasty. I won’t say it tasted authentic but for a cafe, this was beyond expectations!

9. Chocolate fondue – Hot chocolate sauce served in a bowl along with marshmallows and fresh fruits, dip them into chocolate and enjoy! This was irresistible and heavenly. Infact when there’s chocolate, the dish is bound to be good 😀

Overall, I had an awesome experience at this place. Never did the vegetarian dishes make me feel that I was missing out on non-veg ! A great and commendable job by Bunty and Jackie. Hope to re-visit this place soon !

 BJs Sports Cafe Cum Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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