Launch of Mango special Desserts at Afraa Deli !

Afraa deli, a chain of restaurants owned by Neotia group and having its branches spread throughout the city, has launched a range of ten delectable mango desserts. I was invited here to the outlet near Beckbagan to try out these newly launched desserts !

The ten mango desserts include :

1. Mango pastry ( ₹61) – The delicious mango syrup is the star ingredient of this dish, which wasn’t much sweet yet tasty. Pastry lovers are bound to like this !

2. Mango truffle ( ₹61) – Presented in a shot glass, this dessert looked amazing. The mango slices, punched between alternate layers of vanilla cream created a beautiful combo.

3. Mango pannacota ( ₹61) – This was served in a shot glass too, topped with a cherry. The rich mango cream tasted lovely !

4. Mango cheesecake ( ₹ 157) – Cheesecakes are much common nowadays, the variants being lemon or strawberry. Not everywhere would one expect the mango variant. The cheesecake made here was very delicious, probably the best among all the ten desserts ! The base made of crushed cookies was not overly sweet, neither was the topping of mango syrup. Overall, it’s a perfectly balanced dish.

5. Mango chilli cheese tart ( ₹ 61) – This was good too, the tart being topped with cheese cream and a mango slice. I quite liked it. However, being named as ‘chilli cheese tart’, I didn’t find the required tinge of chilli in it.

6. Mango muffin ( ₹53) – This didn’t look as much attractive as the other nine, but it’s taste was far more superior to most of them ! The muffin was soft, well baked and very tasty !

7. Mango and chocolate mousse ( ₹61) – Served in a shot glass, this was a tri-layered one. The base being chocolate, followed by mango cream and topped with mango syrup. Chocolate and mango is a deadly combination and so was this ! 😀

8. Chocolate and mango lava cake ( ₹61) – Of what I said previously that chocolate and mango can be a deadly combination, this dessert turned out to be the greatest evidence! Chocolate cake filled with oozing hot chocolate sauce, placed on a bed of mango syrup. My mouth starts watering while writing this and I guessy so does yours while reading ! 😀 So go ahead and try this out !

9. Fresh mango with ice cream ( ₹61) – There wasn’t much uniqueness in this dish but the way it was presented is bound to win the hearts of the customer ! Fresh mango cut into slices, placed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, garnished with mango syrup, looked absolutely stunning!

10. Chilli Rimmed Mango shake ( ₹140) – This was good in consistency and tasted similar to a normal mango shake, except for the fact that it was low on sugar. So, the ones who would prefer having it sweeter must say that to the staff while placing the order !

Overall, if you are craving for some mango pastries, then waste no further time and give this place a visit. Then, you are sure to leave with a face full of satisfaction !

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