Zomato Bloggers Meet at Nosh !

Nosh was the venue for the Zomato Blogger’s meet and my second Zomato meet. The cafe occupies a posh position near Mominpore crossing but a passerby will probably notice the banner for ‘Machiner’s paradise’ (which is a part of the cafe) instead of the banner of Nosh, which is comparatively insignificant. We were greeted in with a stunning ambience, primarily by the Lamborghini Gallardo which was the prime attraction of the place. The cafe has been built with a garage theme, where the walls, roof and even the washroom has been designed with parts from automobiles. There’s also a separate section for hookah.

Coming to the food, we started with Mai ka lal nachos coated with hung curd and a tangy sauce, giving it a soggy texture. The preparation was quite similar to the nachos served in Chilli’s. Family garlic bread had cheese oozing out of the soft bread, which was average for me but can be divine for the ones who prefer having excess cheese. Stuffed mushroom was the best of all the dishes, with cheese stuffed into soft mushrooms. The taste was heavenly!

This cafe had initially started as a pure veg one but they are soon going to launch a non veg menu. We were served certain dishes from that upcoming menu. The chicken wings were decent, though somewhat extra tangy for my pallate. Mexican chicken skewers were okay, as the chicken was dry. Fish finger was obviously better than the previous two dishes, with the fish being soft and fresh, and a crisp outer coating.

Shifting to the mains we had Baingan ka bharta sandwich and BBQ grilled chicken sandwich. I tasted the latter where the bread was somewhat burnt. Khujliwala Burger (chicken) was again average since the patty was dry and its crispness was lacking. Pasta in red sauce and white sauce, both failed to impress us since the taste was bland.

We were also served a wide range of mocktails. The watermelon mojito, containing grated watermelon slices, was the best of lot. This was very refreshing. On the other hand, the ice cream soda float was average. Hazelnut cappuccino was nice with a consistent and rich flavour of coffee. The iced teas ( peach and green apple) and the lemonades (classic and green apple) were refreshing and stood over the milk based ones, much due to the hot humid weather. Icy spicy green apple was great, with a punch of spice added to the green apple drink.

The desserts included Oreo pie, having a higher proportion of cream than the Oreo base, which was thinner. Making the proportions proper can obviously prevent this from tasting monotonous. Sizzling brownie was nice, just the way it is supposed to be. Bombastic blast chocolate Sunday was good, with three scoops of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. The name might appear innovative and quirky but no such innovation was observed in this dish. Chocolate mud pie was presented well in a tall glass and tasted good. I was expecting some non chocolate desserts which, unfortunately, were unavailable !

Overall, a cafe with such an innovative theme and quirky decor is rare in the city. A little improvement in the food and service, would help them getting a higher rating !


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