Fusion Bengali food at Saptapadi !

This is the second outlet of Saptapadi after the main branch, near Baghajatin. Unlike the main branch which solely focuses on traditional Bengali dishes, this new branch has introduced some fusion dishes from the traditional Bengali recipes. The name of this restaurant has come from the famous Uttam-Suchitra starrer, Saptapadi and the place has been designed accordingly.

I was invited here as a member of ‘Panchphoron’ for a food audit. This place is a few mins walk taking the lane adjacent to the petrol pump near Golpark. The first floor of a building has been converted into a restaurant. A statue a tribal person greets us to the entrance. The walls are made of wood, with photos of Uttam and Suchitra hung at different places, giving a nostalgic felling. However, the main attraction is a huge photo of Uttam and Suchitra, from the famous scene, with a model of Enfield Bullet before them, giving a 3D look to the entire thing. The furniture, including the earthen glass and jugs are well suited with the ambience. Even the wash basin, will take you to different era. The overall ambience is apt for a family dinner.

Coming to the food, we were served with the complimentary drink ‘kancha aam er shorbot’, which was excellent. Unlike the traditional sour and spicy version, this was sweet. A very refreshing drink!

The starters which were served to us were a part of the fusion menu.

We began with ranga aloo and yellow corn nutty croquette. This was a fusion of sweet potato and corn. A sweet starter but worth a try.

The next one was moori fish stick. The fish fingers, unlike bread crumbs, were coated with a layer of puffed rice. The coating was crispy and the fish was soft and juicy.

Aside the starters, were served two dips – the traditional kasundi and yoghurt dip with mint flavour, which tasted much like mayonnaise. Both went very well with the starters.

Our main course was a thali, with traditional Bengali dishes. The thali consisted of :

Luchi – It was fluffy and well done.

Cholar dal – This was tasty, but could have been a little sweet.

Rice – Good quality rice was chosen.

Alu bhaja – This was made the way I like, my all time favourite ‘jhuri jhuri alu bhaja’ – a perfect companion with dal and rice.

Jhinge alu posto – The jhinge was not very prominent and the taste was average.

Bhetki paturi – This tasted excellent. The fillet was soft and well cooked. The aroma of gondhoraj lemon was prominent. A must try over here!

Saptapadi avinabo mangsho – The mutton was succulent, juicy and perfectly cooked. The gravy was not very rich and oily, yet very tasty. The taste was quite unique and i liked it !

Am er chutney and papad – The chutney was very sour and less sweet. The papar was crispy.

Our desserts were again a fusion from the traditional Bengali dishes. We had gondhoraj caramel custard and ice cream patishapta. The custard was sweet and tasty. The best was the ice cream patishapta. Vanilla ice cream was rolled inside, topped with strawberry sauce. It was very tasty.

Overall, it was a very satisfying experience. Chef Ranjan deserves an applause for making such great fusion recipies from the traditional Bengali dishes. This place is a sure winner if compared with the other Bengali restaurants in the vicinity !


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