Finger licking Mughlai at affordable rates!

I had been planning a visit to Shaina since a long time. But somehow, I never wanted to dine in here. So, finally I tried out this place through zomato’s online ordering feature.

I was a little amazed with the wonderful reviews this place had got, keeping in mind that the prices are extremely cheap. So I was unsure of the quality of food. But that was totally assured by the dishes I had.

My order was very simple – chicken kabab, chicken roast and rumali roti. The chicken kabab was more burnt from one side. But since I prefer kababs to be a little burnt, I liked it. The taste was also good. The chicken was soft and juicy.

The chicken roast was heavenly. It tasted like what you may expect from a good mughlai restaurant. The rich and creamy yoghurt flavoured gravy was super tasty. The chicken was succulent and the quantity given for just 70 bucks is commendable.

The rumali roti was good. Since the food was served piping hot, the roti was soft when I had it. Apart from these, green chutney and salad were also provided as complimentary. The best part is that my bill was just 150 bucks ! I can’t even think of how they serve such great food at so cheap prices.

Coming to the delivery service, the food was served within 40 minutes, and still it was hot. The packaging was very well done. This was more than what I could expect from this little place.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. I wanted to try the biryani here which was recommended by many but unfortunately that wasn’t present in Zomato’s delivery menu. So, I will be having it next time when I will do a takeaway from here. For the ones who are hesitant about dining at this place, do order from here and the food is sure to delight you ! 🙂


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