Festival of colors at the Cocoa Bakery!

Holi is knocking at the door. To celebrate the festival of colours with the modern trend, Cocoa bakery has launched a wide range of assorted chocolates, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc. To be a part of this event, I was invited along with my ‘Panchphoron’ team.

Cocoa bakery is located opposite CCD, New Alipore. From outside, the place looks very simple. But on entering, I was startled by the décor. Rarely any bakery has such exquisite decor in this city. The place has been very neatly done up in European style. The seats are cushioned and very comfortable.

The cakes, cupcakes, cookies and chocolates specially designed for holi were displayed before us. They looked so amazing that it was almost impossible to even think of eating them. Each item they prepared looked very colourful and well suited to the holi theme.

Now coming to the food, we were served iced tea. The drink was cold and quite refreshing. Though it lacked tanginess, I enjoyed sipping it on the summer afternoon.

Then, there was a good buffet spread awaiting us. We started with Pasta Alfredo. The penne was perfectly cooked. A special mention to the white cheese sauce which was rich and creamy and it was the sauce that enhanced the flavour of the dish. Served hot, the pasta tasted great. Each of us liked it so much, that we all took a second serving.

Next, we had veg focaccia. It was topped with broccoli, olives, capsicum, corn and a decent amount of cheese. The dish looked colourful and tasted good. However the bread was a little dry.

Then there were paneer tikka patties and veg tikka patties. Both looked similar and were cooked well.The tikka flavour was very nice. The paneer stuffing tasted decent. The chicken patties had generous amount of chicken and tasted good.

The pastry which we tried in the end was the best of lot. It was their signature Mixed fruit pastry. The pastry looked nice and tasted amazing. Juicy slices of fruits like apple, mango, grapes, pineapple, etc had been infused between layers of cake and cream. A must try over here !

Our meal was accompanied by a mug of cold coffee which was well made. It was very refreshing.

I was gifted with a set of assorted chocolates, which were indeed praiseworthy.

Overall, this place is good if you want to spend some time with a cup of coffee and some desserts. The customized cakes they make are really good and commendable. So, once you order from here, you will keep on ordering !


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