Delicious North Indian and Chinese at The Palms!

There are situations when you want to try Oriental but your parents won’t try anything other than North Indian, which is pretty much of what happens with me. The solution to such a situation is ‘The Palms’ which serves both North Indian and Oriental under the same roof. Also, don’t expect the common North Indian or Oriental dishes in the menu. This place has got a lot more to offer!

The Palms is located at the crossing of Southern Avenue, near Rashbehari. I was invited here for a food tasting event. The first thing that caught my attention was the lavish decor. The walls are designed with coloured stones. The ceiling is also well done. The overall ambience is perfect for a family dinner or a romantic date!

We started with the mocktails- Cinderella, Heaven’s Calling, Pink Island, Deep Sea and Virgin Blue Lagoon. The best of the lot was Heaven’s Calling which had the perfect balance of sweetness. Blue lagoon was average. Deep Sea is a green drink with a masala flavour. It was quite refreshing. However, the Pink Island was too sweet and not at par with the other drinks.

Among soups we had,

Murk Yakhni Shorba – This was not upto the mark. The soup could have tasted much better.

Seafood clear soup with prawn dumplings- I personally liked this since I prefer soups which have mild flavours and not the spicier ones. The soup was very well done and had the right flavours. The prawn dumplings were soft and tasted good.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup- It was spicy, and had chunks of prawns, veggies and noodles. This one is sure to impress the ones who like spicy soup.

Moving on to the starters, we had :

Khumb Galawati Kabab- This was awesome. This is actually made of mushroom, and is not available everywhere. The Galawati was soft and very tasty. I somehow liked it more than the mutton galawati kabab I had at Oudh ! This is the speciality of this place. So it’s a must try over here !

Makhani Karahi- The chicken was soft and well cooked. The marination was very well done and I liked it. It came with two dips- the common dhaniya chutney and the other one was probably a mango sauce. Both were good!

Sultani Irani- The mutton was somewhat sour. Also, it wasn’t as soft as expected. So, if you want to taste a proper North indian mutton kabab, go for something else!

Prawn tempura- Soft, succulent prawns coated with a thin crispy batter. It was good. I liked the red sweet dip that was served with it!

Stir fried water chestnut, asparagus, sugar syrup with black pepper – It was well done. The water chestnut were juicy and tasty. This is a must try for vegetarians.

Coming to the main course, we had :

Fish Hyderabadi – The fish was soft and well cooked. However, the dish was supposed to have a coconut based gravy which was lacking.

Keema naan was crispy and tasty, but a little more stuffing could have have made it better.

Thai green curry with steamed rice- The flavours were truly authentic. But the Thai curry was more on the sweeter side, which if neglected then it’s a good dish.

Stir fried pakchoi in white garlic sauce – The pakchoi tasted fresh and juicy! It was a very nice dish. But the lack of gravy makes it more prominent as an appetizer rather than a main course dish.

Emperor seafood rice – This was very nice and mild spicy. The rice had a good flavour with generous portions of prawn. It also contains squid but unfortunately it wasn’t available that day.

Spicy Lan Ching Chicken – It tasted very good and complimented the rice perfectly. Since I prefer the main course to be spicy, I loved this dish! The taste is very different from the normal Oriental dishes.

Fish fillet cooked in black bean sauce – Another good dish. The black bean sauce was very well made. The fish was soft and this dish went well with the rice!

We were almost full. But there will always be a room desserts! So our order was Gajar ka halwa and Honey sesame noodles with vanilla ice cream. Gajar ka halwa was definitely the best I had till date. It was amazing and so good that I might lack adjectives while describing it. It had the perfect sweetness and the taste of ghee was prominent! The honey sesame noodles was something different from the normal darsaan which I liked very much. It was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. However comparing the quantity of the honey noodles and the ice cream, i would suggest to provide two scoops instead of one!

Overall, this is great place to have a wonderful dining experience. Among the north Indian and Oriental cuisines, I somehow liked the Oriental more, which they have launched a few days back. A thumbs up to the chef and the management for that. Also, the waiters are very attentive and always ready to help. Each dish comes with a good quantity, and obviously at a cheaper rate than the nearby restaurants. If you haven’t tried out this place, then don’t wait anymore! 😀


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