Bangkok Street Food Festival at Benjarong!

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. It is difficult not to fall in love with Thai food. Benjarong is one among those places in the city which provide authentic Thai cuisines. I was invited here with my #Panchphoron team to be a part of Bangkok Street food festival organised here.

Benjarong is located in the third floor of South city Mall. The dining area is spacious and very well decorated. We were served a platter in the beginning comprising nuts, onions, red chillies, lemon, a jaggery based sauce and spinach leaves. We were supposed to have it like a pan. This was innovative and very tasty.

The mocktails which we had were chaa yen, Bangkok breeze, summer cooler and lychee mojito. The best of these was Bangkok breeze and lychee mojito. Bangkok breeze was a milk based drink with carrot and orange. It was very refreshing. Lychee mojito had grated lychee pieces and tasted great. Summer cooler, which was a coconut water mocktail, was presented inside the coconut shell itself. It looked stunning and tasted awesome.

The cocktails which we had were water melon and basil martini and Thai twist. The former was nice while the latter was excellent. Thai twist had the perfect ratio of lemon and the sweetness was balanced.

Coming to the starters, we had :

Lookchin pla yang – This was fish dumplings served in skewers. The fish was soft and tasted amazing with the spicy dip.

Goong tod chatuchak – The prawns were coated with a layer of minced chicken. A sweet chilli sauce was served with it. The taste was amazing.

Gai ping – This was outstanding. The chicken was grilled and served in skewers. The chicken was neither very soft nor hard – just the way the dish demands! This is a must try over here.

Sai krok isan – Chicken sausages were served with a papaya salad. It was very tasty. The papaya salad was very juicy.

Thung nung goong – While the other starters were appreciable, this turned out to be a disappointment. The coating of the dumblings was quite thick. The stuffing was a little dry. Also, the coriander chutney didn’t complement the dumplings well.

Hed ruam prik khi noo – This was mushrooms tossed with garlic, bird eye chillies and kafir lime leaves. It tasted very good

Moving to the mains, we had :

Lard na gai – The flat noodles were topped with chicken, brocolli, mushroom, babycorn. This was very well cooked and tasted great.

Bamee pahd gratiem prik daeng haeng gai – The noodles were tossed with chicken, mushrooms, capsicum, etc. This was good.

Jasmine rice – The rice had a nice flavour and aroma.

Hormok talay – This was seafood mousse which tasted heavenly with the Jasmine rice.

Poo pahd pong kari – This was a sheer delight even to look at. The crab was very juicy. The taste was excellent.

Thai green curry – The curry was just perfect with the proper amount of sweetness and spice.

Our food tasting session ended with the dessert khao niew dahm polamai. A bed of black sticky rice was surrounded by fruits topped with a sweet coconut cream. The presentation was very nice and the taste was amazing !

Overall, Benjarong seves some great Thai dishes. The service is great. The Bangkok Street food festival will continue till 23rd April. Do hurry up and visit this place before this festival expires !


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