Scrumptious lunch at Bistro by the Park !

Bistro by the park is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Park Street. It is located on the same lane where Peter cat is. With a zomato voucher worth 800 INR, I and my friend decided to try out this place for lunch.

The ambience is quite good. The walls are well designed. The seats are cushioned with alternating blue and red colours. We were seated in the ground floor, which had a huge accommodation capacity. Instead of a menu card, we were given a tab to place our order. Now that was something new and unique. Not only was it tech savvy but one could also view the images of the food before making the order. The best part is that the food looks exactly the same as shown in the images!

Our order was chicken salami pizza with mozzarella cheese and fish sizzler in lemon cream sauce. The pizza was served first. It was thin crust, topped with generous amounts of cheese, chicken salami and pineapple. The chicken and the pineapple tasted fresh and very juicy. The pizza was well baked, as the base was perfectly crispy. Somehow the sauce on the pizza was too tangy to taste and that’s where the flavours got imbalanced. Otherwise, it was a great pizza.

The fish sizzler looked great. The fish slices were served on a bed of lettuce and rice, with French fries, asparagus and carrots. The fish was perfectly cooked and tasted great. The outer covering was crispy while the fillet was very soft. The lemon cream sauce had the perfect balance of flavours and I quite liked it. However the rice and the fries had a little burnt taste, which can be neglected as the overall dish was great.

Our bill was only 866 bucks. With the zomato voucher, we had to pay just 66 bucks extra. So, the place is actually cheaper than the other dine in restaurants in the area. Also, the quantity of each dish was on the higher side, such that we both were full after having the two dishes. Would be visiting soon ! 🙂

 Bistro By The Park Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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