Snacks and More at 6BP Gupshup !

6 ballygunge place is not just a name. Over the years, it has evolved as the finest place in the city for having Bengali cuisines. They have several outlets all over the city. But this time, 6bp has come up with a new scheme, by opening up a kiosk at the food court of Acropolis Mall. I got to taste some of the dishes here through a food tasting event arranged by ‘Panchphoron’ group.

This kiosk does not serve the wide variety of authentic Bengali cuisines that you get in the main branch. This has focused to provide mainly snacks to the customers while they spend some time in the food court, where people usually avoid heavy meals and go for lighter ones. Thus, the kiosk has been named as 6 ballygunge place Gupshup.

This outlet provies a wide range of snacks. We had the following :

1. Chingri Machher Salmi – This was the first dish we tried from here and I was amazed by the taste. The outer covering was very crispy and thin. The filling was so good. The prawn was succelent and tasty. Served with fresh salad, this was a great starter. Thus, even in the kiosk, 6bp has retained its brand name !

2. Murger Afghani cutlet- Coated by a crispy batter, with a thick and fresh chicken fillet inside, served with salad and a mustard dip.

3. Dhaniya fried chicken – Looked similar to a chicken pakora and tasted even better. The chicken was soft, succulent and well marinated.

4. Gondhoraj chicken wings- The chicken pieces were rich in gondhroj aroma. Once again, the taste was very good.

5. Mochar chop- Two large sized ‘chops’ came in a plate served with fresh salad, hot and crispy. Actually, the ‘chops’ were huge in size and thereby resembled a cutlet. The taste was awesome. I seriously never had this tasty mochar chop before !

Apart from the snacks, there was the all time favourite of a Bengali- the luchi and kasha mangsho combo. The dish came with 4 very large sized fluffy luchis with a brownish gravy containing two mutton pieces. The mutton was well cooked and the gravy was rich in flavours. With luchi, the taste was heavenly.

From the vegetaraian section, we had koraishutir kochuri with bhaja masala alur dom. The kochuris were once again large sized with a very tasty and less spicy filling of peas – the way I prefer. However, the alur dom was not up to the mark as the over-added bhaja masala flavour overpowered the taste of the dish.

We tried the desserts in the end. The available options were chanar malpoa and baked mihidana with rabri. We decided to try both of them. Each of the desserts looked amazing. The chanar malpoa was served hot and tasted good but the hero of our meal was the baked mihidana with rabri. Served in a small colourful clay pot and baked with a layer of rabri, the mihidana present underneath was perfectly sweet and tasty. I was totally impressed by this dish and would recommend everyone to try this out !

Overall, I didn’t expect the food in the gupshup outlet to taste as authentic as those in the dine-in outlets. But to my surprise, each and every dish was cooked with love and tasted almost as authentic as one may expect in the dine-in outlets. So, this project of 6bp is a huge success. Also, the snacks I tried here were less oily unlike those one may have at other places, dripping in oil. So, if you are in the food court of Acropolis in the mood of some lighter snacks or desserts, nothing can be better than this !

I would like to thank the management of Acropolis mall for inviting me to try out this place! 🙂


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