New menu at 16:58 The Exchange!

16:58 The Exchange, the renovated version of 1658 Bar and Kitchen, is a new destination in the city to have some good food and drinks. It is located opposite Indian museum, beside Zaranj. Infact it shares the same entrance with Zaranj.

I was invited here to taste the dishes that have been Incorporated into the menu. The décor of the place is brilliant. The interior is lit up with blue and purple lights which makes it more stunning. The chandeliers, iron chains and various other objects have been used to decorate the interior.

Coming to the food, we started with various drinks like,
Absolute Bra
Virgin mojito
Ghost Thumb
Sunny Day
Hazzy Fizzy
Blue shoe

Each of the drinks were good. Also some special cocktails were prepared for us which are not a part of the menu.

Next, we were served Amuse Boushe. It was fruit dumplings with alternate pieces of grape( black and green) and peach. It was served in shot glasses. I liked the juiciness and freshness of the fruits. It was a great start to our meal.

The salad option had broken wheat salad with veggies and vinaigrette. It was served on a bed of lettuce and comprised of veggies like asparagus, babycorn, capsicum, olives, etc. It was topped with Parmesan cheese and vinaigrette was used for salad dressing. In a salad, I generally prefer the veggies to be juicy. But this wasn’t the case with this salad. Also, I’m not a fan of broken wheat. So, on personal grounds, I was not much impressed by this dish.

Our veg main course started with mushroom risotto. This was excellent. The risotto was creamy and plump. The buttery flavour was prominent. It was topped with Parmesan cheese, celery chips and parsley leaves. The quantity was enough but the amount of mushroom was pretty less compared to the amount of risotto.

Our next dish was pan seared cottage cheese with pepper coulis. Due to delay in serving, the cottage cheese was a little cold. This brought down the taste of the dish to a great extent. Nevertheless, it still tasted good. The cottage cheese was soft and the pepper coulis sauce complimented it very well. This dish came with grilled potatoes, topped with rocket leaves. If served hot, this could have been a great dish.

Coming to the non veg section, we had grilled chicken with red wine jus, grilled veggies and tomato tart. I was quite disappointed with this dish. The chicken wasn’t cooked perfectly. It was stiff and hence it didn’t appeal to my taste buds. However, I liked the tomato tart with mashed potatoes. It tasted very good.

Next, we had tandoori marinated rack of lamb with burnt garlic and honey mustard. This was heavenly. The lamb was very soft and perfectly cooked. The flavour of the spices was distinct. This was a great dish and a must try over here.

Coming to the dessert section, we had cheesecake with lemon cream. The texture and the sweetness of the cake was just perfect. It was accompanied by a tinge of blueberry sauce which tasted decent. Also, a small amount of ginger ail was provided along with an oat cookie. It was one of the best cheesecakes I had till date.

Lastly, we had caramelized popcorn with butter scotch mousse. I liked the presentation of the dish. The caramelized popcorns had a very different taste – not very sweet. The popcorns were covered with a thick layer of butter scotch mousse, topped with crunchy nuts and a crispy layer of caramel. The mousse was very rich and sweet. It went well with the less sweet popcorns.

Overall, the new dishes are innovative and good. Few of the dishes need to be worked upon. The service was quite fast. A thumbs up to the entire team for that !


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