First outlet of Cinnabon in Calcutta!

Finally Cinnabon opens an outlet in Calcutta with its first outlet in the food court of Acropolis mall, just beside Cinepolis. It was a food tasting event in the food court of Acropolis Mall, arranged by #Panchphoron group. We decided to start with cinnabon.

Since we were thirsty, we wanted to taste their drinks. We ordered lemonades and chilattas. I didn’t like the lemonades, specially the raspberry and blue laggon. The raspberry was very sweet and the blue laggon lacked fizz and was somewhat bland. The pomegranate lemonade was however good. It was not much sweet and was fizzy. Among the chilattas, I liked the mango and the strawberry ones. They were awesome. Chilatta is a milk based drink, topped with cream, similar to a smoothie. The nutella chillata was however inconsistent and less dense in comparison to the others.

Coming to the food, we tried chocobon and cinnabon classic. In both the cases, the bread had a very soft texture and was well baked. The chocobon was topped with a chocolate sauce which was very nice. This was a great dish. However the cream cheese sauce at the top of the classic cinnabon was too sweet for my palate.

We also tried their famous pretzel which is a baked bread shaped into a twisted knot. I felt it was a little dry. Moreover, when dishes like chocobon are there in the menu, then it won’t be wise to order a dry dish like this. However, the pretzel dog chicken was excellent. The bread was soft and was filled with cheese and a chicken sausage. Lastly, we tried the cheese sticks which were good.

Overall, cinnabon is one of the better places to dine in the food court of Acropolis. Would surely recommend the chocobon, chillatas and the pretzel dog chicken to all my foodie friends!


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