Affordable Chinese at The Wall Express !

The Wall is one my favourite Chinese restaurants. When it comes to authentic Chinese, for me it is always the wall. When I came to know that it had opened up a kisok in the food court of Acropolis, I was willing to visit it. Finally, I made my way to it through the food tasting event organised by ‘Panchphoron’ group in the food court of Acropolis Mall.

Coming to the food, among starters we had :

Panko fried prawn in sweet and spicy dip- I loved this starter. The prawn was soft with a thin crispy batter. The star of the dish, however, was not the prawn but the sweet and spicy dip, which tasted amazing.

Crispy chilli babycorn was nicely done. It was tossed with sesame seeds and spring onions. The babycorns were tasty and crispy, sauted in a mild sweet and spicy sauce.

Veg spring roll was not upto the mark. The outer crust was very crispy but the filling was not good.

Coming to the mains, we had:

Veg panfried noodles- The crispy noodles was topped with veggies like capsicum, babycorn, onions, cauliflower, mushroom, etc. The flavours were well balanced and I liked this dish.

The chicken fried rice tasted like a normal fried rice. Also, the amount of egg and chicken was quite less.

Ginger pimento fried rice was quite good. I liked it over the chicken fried rice.

To accompany these dishes, we had mix vegetable in malak sauce and chicken teriyaki. Mix vegetable in malak sauce tasted good. Veggies like capsicum, babycorn, cauliflower, etc were cooked in a mild spicy gravy. It went well with the rice dishes.

The chicken teriyaki was very disappointing. The chicken was two sweet to be main course. Infact, it tasted like a dessert !

Overall, the dishes here somehow lacked the authentic touch which the dishes at The Wall have. But looking into the pricing, the food is quite good in this affordable range.


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