Get quirky at Cloakroom !

Cloakroom, a quirky place located in the bylanes of Vivekananda park, has spun up as one the finest hangout destinations for youngsters. The place is small but cozy. The décor is pretty decent with photo frames, colourfully designed plates and with yellow bulbs hung from a chandeliar.

The ground floor has a seating for 8 people. Since it was totally empty, we got seated there. I was there with my co foodie to redeem a zomato voucher worth INR 500. The lady who attended us was warm and welcoming. The menu was written in a very quirky fashion. Even some of the names of the dishes were unique like the travelling bird, station master’s lunchbox, from Davy Jones’ locker, etc. We decided to go for grilled chicken in paprika sauce and an overstuffed suitcase with chicken.

I was absolutely amazed by the presentation of the dishes. The grilled chicken in paprika sauce tasted amazing. The chicken was soft and perfectly grilled. The paprika sauce, which was probably made with mayonnaise and certain other spices, was so well made. It gave a new dimension to the grilled chicken. The mashed potato was presented like a mould. It was creamy and tasty. The veggies at the side included carrots, capsicum, zucchini, broccoli, etc. These tasted very fresh and juicy. Overall it was a great dish in every way.

Next we had overstuffed suitcase with chicken. It was a baked dish. Veggies with chicken were cooked in a red sauce and then baked. I simply loved it. The veggies were cooked perfectly and tasted amazing. The upper layer had the right amount of cheese. The flavour of cheese did not overpower the taste of the dish – which impressed me very much. This too, is a must try over here.

These two dishes were served in sufficient quantity to fill us up. But we still wanted to try a dessert. The staff said that only sunken pudding was available. We decided to have that. However, I was disappointed. I was expecting this dessert to surprise us like the previous two unique dishes but it was simply chocolate brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which is the most common dessert available in the market. Still, the brownie was hot and tasty and it was well made.

Apart from this, the service was quite slow and I felt the staff to be a little undertrained. I would insist them to incorporate some exclusive desserts in the menu, which would make this place an all rounder. Will be waiting for my next visit !


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