Wide array of chocolates at Krazzy !

It was chocolate day. With some fellow foodies, I was set on chocolate tasting trail. We started with krazzy for chocolates, on the food court of acropolis mall.

I was impressed with the wide variety of chocolates they had. We decided to taste a few of their creations.

We had Royal rose, chilli chocolate, blueberry bites, truffle treat, coffee caramel, strawberry dip, chocolate ferrari, choco spoon, crunchy nutty roll, choco fudge, chocolate oyster, pineapple punch, oyster orange, mint magic and krazzy truffle (hazelnut and praline).

All the chocolates were good but the ones which deserve a special mention are:
The choco Ferrari was unique and was good to taste.
The blueberry bites was chocolate filled with blueberry syrup and was excellent.
Strawberry dip was a strawberry coated with chocolate. The combination of the sweet and sour taste created a magic in my mouth.
Crunchy nutty roll contained grounded nuts on layer of caramel, made into a roll. It was very tasty.
Pineapple punch and oyster orange were good too.
The best among the lot was the chilli chocolate – milk chocolate topped with chilli flakes. It gave a sweet and spicy taste in each bite.
Overall, this place excels in its huge variation in chocolates. Next time, I would taste their cakes and desserts.


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