Varieties of momo !

Wow momo has now turned into a brand with outlets almost everywhere in the city. This outlet is located on the food court of forum mall. This one of the pocket friendly options in forum. It was last month, when after a movie, I and my friends decided to grab some quick bites here. I ordered my all time favourite chicken and chesse steamed momo and chicken panfriend momo in schezwan sauce.

The taste is the same everywhere. The steamed ones with cheese were a pure bliss! They were so soft to melt in the mouth with generous chicken and cheese stuffing. In addition, there was a coriander dip and an extra spicy tomato dip. I preferred to have the momos without these dips.

The pan fried momos were crispy and served hot. The momos were great as usual with the spicy schezwan sauce. Though there are better options in the city serving great momos, I would still recommend this place because of its wide variety of momos which is difficult to find anywhere.


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