Lebanese delights at Go Lebanese

Hit by some serious craving for Lebanese food, I decided to order from this Lebanese joint, after looking into its high ratings and good reviews.

I ordered a chicken shawarma salad and dajaj chicken biryani via swiggy. The service was faster than expected. A thumbs up for that. The packing was done well and the biryani was hot.

Coming to the food, I started with chicken shawarma salad. It comprised of iceberg lettuce, cabbage, beet, carrot, cucumber, sliced olives and assorted bell peppers topped with roasted marinated chicken slices with lebanese dressing and served with pita bread. The salad was highly filling and very tasty. The pita bread was soft and moist. The chicken pieces were highly flavourful. The veggies tasted fresh. Overall, it was a good dish.

Next, I had the dajaj chicken biriyani. I was impressed with the quantity of the biryani. Three pieces of chicken with a piece of potato and sufficient amount of flavoured rice at just 140 bucks. The rice was cooked with Mediterranean spices in dum style with succulent chicken pieces. Initially I was happy at the sight of dish, but it turned out to be an utter disappointment when i tasted it. It was excessively oily. I’m not at all health conscious but I felt the portion of oil in the biryani was too oily to be digested. The taste wasn’t much different from the normal Calcutta style biriyani, just that the chicken pieces were marinated with some extra spices to raise the spice quotient of the dish.

Overall, this place serves great salad. Won’t recommend the biryani to anyone.


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