French pastries at Glace !

Glace Patisserie has emerged as one the famous and finest bakeries of the city within a short period of time. It is located in the ground floor of Chambers Mall, Kasba; opposite of Acropolis Mall. It had come to my knowledge that Glace has introduced various French desserts into their menu like Opera, Paris breast, etc. Since these desserts are available exclusively in Glace, so I made it a point to visit this place.

It was around 8pm on a Sunday that I visited this place with two of my foodie friends. To our surprise, the entire mall was vacant. But several banners and posters guided us to Glace. The place looks as classy as the name is. There is a seating space of 6 people but the ambience is colourful with red and white balloons and orange, pink and white cake boxes of different sizes. The multicoloured cake boxes added to vibrancy of the place.

The owner was a jolly lady and very friendly. Since it was around 8:30pm, many of their signature French desserts were unavailable. We were a little disappointed at this. But among the available options, the owner suggested us the best ones. We opted to have the opera cake and salted caramel pastry.

Opera cake is a French type of cake. It was made with layers of almond sponge cake (Joconde) and coffee buttercream, topped with a layer of chocolate. The almond sponge cake layer was moist and soft and had the flavour of coffee liquor. The coffee buttercream was mouthwatering! The subtle taste of each layer could be felt and it vanished from the plate in a short time. So, coffee lovers this exquisite pastry is definitely for all of you !

The salted caramel pastry was another good option. It had alternate layers of cake and mousse topped with a layer of salted caramel. The less sweet and salty taste was great but it was somehow subdued as we had the opera cake first which was sweeter.

We wanted to try a savoury item. We had onion and broccoli quiche. Quiche is a French savoury pie. The crust was like a tart. The filling was of custard with cheese, broccoli, sweet corn and smashed onions. However the quiche was a little dry and could not live upto our expectations.

Overall, Glace is the only place in the city that serves exquisite French and some other European desserts. The owner showed us a collection of some of their designer cakes which were indeed praiseworthy. Due to unavailability of most of their pastries, I couldn’t taste their signature desserts. So, will be back soon!


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