Discover cuisines from China and South East Asia !

There are various restaurants across the city that provide authentic Chinese and South East Asian cuisines. To provide a tough competition to all those restaurants, China Wok has come into the scene. It is located in a prominent area on Purna Das Road, opposite triangular park.

It was an invitation to our Panchphoron group by the owners of China Wok. The ambience is pretty decent. The ground floor is occupied by the kitchen while the entire first floor has dine-in facility. The dining area is well decorated with lamps. The red chairs and yellow tables are well suited with the décor.

We started with fresh Lima soda which was sweet and refreshing. Then we moved on to the soups. The only veg option was the eight treasure soup which is a coriander and chilli flavoured thik soup with spinach, carrots, corn and mushroom. My friend who tasted it, said that it was a little bland. The owner clarified it that the soup is supposed to be a little bland in taste. One can add salt and pepper to it as per their need. So before having any soup, make sure to share your preferences.

Among the non veg options, we had crab meat soup and yen ta foh. Both of these were equally good it was really difficult to decide which one was better among the two. The crab meat soup was thick, creamy, flavourful and yummy. With egg and generous portions of crab meat, topped with spring onions, it was delight to have. Yen ta foh is a traditional Thai soup, popularly known was Pink noodle soup. It came with rice noodles, egg and seafood, with red sauce. It was very tasty.

Moving on the starters, we had babycorn in Thai sweet and chilli basil sauce. The babycorn was very crispy and tasted good.

Prik Kai Sot Sai Thod was the next dish. It was chicken wings in Thai style. The chicken was soft and crispy. The honey chilli sauce used for the dressing added a distinct flavour to the dish.

Pan fried chilli fish tasted decent. The fish was very soft and perfectly cooked. It came with onions, chillies and scallions.

The best among the starters was the prawn sui mai. The prawn was cooked well and stuffed with mashed veggies inside a thin sheet of dough. With the coriander chilli oil dip, the taste was elevated to a new level.

Veg sui mai was also very good. Even a non vegetaraian would like this. Crispy mushroom pepper salt was good. The veg spring roll was nice. The outer covering was crispy while the filling of onions, chillies, capsicum, etc was tasty. The last starter we had was fried wanton pepper salt. I felt the wantons to be a little oily, otherwise they were good to taste.

Moving on the main course, we were served with khao pad krapow and bok choy delight. Khao pad krapow is basically Thai fried rice with green onions, basil leaves and chillies. It was a little spicy and went will the less spicy bok choy delight. Bok choy is a type of Chinese cabbage. It was cooked with broccoli, mushroom, babycorn, carrots and other veggies in ground pepper and a soy sauce based gravy. It is a must try for vegetarians.

From the non veg section, the mains included:
Khao pad kratiem chicken, which was basically Thai burnt garlic fried rice with eggs, spring onions, garlic cloves and basil leaves and Pad Kee Mao mixed, which was spicy rice noodles with chillies, bell peppers, egg, prawn and garnished with basil leaves. I liked the fried rice but the rice noodles was not upto the mark.

To accompany them, we had Pla Pad Pak and Kai Himaparn. Pla Pad Pak is fish sauted with mixed vegetables in oyster sauce. I liked the dish but if the spice portion of the dish would be raised, then it would have tasted really good. Kai Himaparn is sliced chicken sauteed with onions and crunchy cashewnuts. This dish was spicier than its predecessor and went very well with the mild spicy fried rice.

We ended our meal with darsaan with vanilla ice cream. The dessert was indeed great. The flour chips were hot and crispy, just the way it should have been. The hot darsaan and cold vanilla ice cream was a deadly combo.

Overall, China Wok is a perfect place for the ones willing to taste Chinese and South East Asian cuisines at affordable rates. Cheers to team China Wok !


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