A new junction for healthy food !

Health conscious? Then this is the perfect place for you. Initially, I was reluctant to visit this place for its ‘healthy food’ tag and how could healthy food be tasty? But, today’s experience did change my total mindset.

The location is very prominent, near ballygunge phari. The banner to the entrance reads ‘health and soul cuisine’. There is both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangement, with an accommodation capacity of around 40 people. Since it was evening, we preferred sitting inside. The interior decor is quite good. There is also a book shelf on one of the side walls.

As we were thirsty, we decided to start with coolers. We opted for orange iced tea, pomegranate and gingerb iced tea and raw mango mojito.

The drinks disappointed us to some extent. The pomegranate and ginger iced tea looked good but tasted bland. The flavour of tea was lacking. The orange iced tea was better than the former, but not impressive. It had a slight orange flavour with an orange slice added on top. The raw mango mojito had ta tangy taste. It was thick, consistent throughout and very refreshing, but unfortunately the amount of jaljeera masala was so high that the flavour of raw mango got hidden. Still, it was better than the other drinks.

Next, we had nachos. The dish looked very colourful. With one bite, I was completely blown away by the taste. The whole grain nachos were thin and crispy. The topping was of onions, tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumber, capsicum, black olives with a light spicy mayo dressing. The dish was full of flavours. Each ingredient was fresh and juicy. This was the best nachos I had till date. Moreover, it was healthy

Last of all, we tried their salad, which is actually the speciality of pranah. We were confused with the toppings and dressings since the variety was huge. The person who took our order assured that he will make the salad to our liking. It came in a plastic box, with huge quantity. The base was of iceberg lettuce. The fresh toppings were green bell pepper, corn, cucumber, tomato and mixed nuts with chicken seekh as precooked topping. The dressing was of sweet chilli and mango and herbed cheese sauce. It was heavenly! I could never imagine a healthy salad to be so tasty. The two distinct sauces were mixed thoroughly thought the salad to give the same tangy taste. The chicken was soft and well cooked. The salad was a sure winner.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the food. The last two dishes won our hearts. The drinks need to be worked upon. Keeping in mind the health factor, there was no compromise with the taste. A thumbs up to the entire team for that!


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