Home-like flavours at Homeflavour

Homeflavour is a new addition to Calcutta’s food scene. It is a pure veg joint and is likely to impress the ones in search of food with a homely touch. Being a hardcore non vegetarian, I am quite sceptical about trying out veg places, but homeflavour didn’t fail to impress me. This place is focused mainly on takeaway and home delivery service.

Whenever we visit a fine dining restaurant, we have certain expectations with the food and the ambience and it is more or less a costly affair. But there are people in the city who stay away from their family, specially the ones working in the IT sector in the salt lake area. For such people, there is no organised home delivery service or no such restaurant providing home made food. Finding this gap, homeflavour has come into the scene and is sure to be a saviour for all such people. The USP of this place is that, the food will taste exactly the same as what we are used to have at home and on top of that, the prices are highly affordable.

Homeflavour has two branches in the city- one in sector II, salt lake and the other in rajarhat. I was invited by Mr Vikas, the owner of homeflavour, to attend a food tasting session with my Panchforon team, to taste the new dishes that have been incorporated into the menu. The sector II branch of homeflavour is in CL block, near CK market. From karunamoyee, this place is walking distance of ten minutes.

Till date, homeflavour runs on a thali system. There are four types of thalis priced at 59, 79, 99 and 149 bucks respectively. Apart from these, the dishes newly introduced into the menu are pav bhaji, dum biryani and shahi biryani.

Pav bhaji comes with pao and two types of bhajis. The pav was soft and buttered well. It was shallow fried and was just perfect. Coming to the bhajis, one was a normal bhaji while the other was a special bhaji. The normal bhaji had a mouthwatering aroma and taste. The boiled and mashed veggies gave it a smooth yet chunky texture. The spiciness of the bhaji complimented the pav perfectly. Also, there was an onion salad with it which was a little sour and went well with the pav bhaji

The special bhaji was nothing different from the normal bhaji, except that it had added cashews and extra butter. So, the ones who are not health conscious, give this a try and there is no scope of regret.

Next, there were two types of biryani- dum biryani and shahi biryani, each with a different look and taste. The dum biryani had a mouthwatering aroma and taste. There are non veg biryani fans who will never dare to taste a veg one. But the dum biryani is a sure winner as the taste was like a home made biryani. It was not lumpy and oily, yet tasty. It was on the sweeter side with small pieces of potato ( and not a single large piece which we are used to have in a normal Calcutta biryani) along with cauliflower. I felt the rice was a little less cooked. Other than that, the dish had no imperfections.

The shahi biryani was not less than the dum biryani. The ones who would be disappointed by the sweet dum biryani, this light and spicy shahi biryani is sure to impress you. This, too was not lumpy and greasy like the other counterpart. Instead of potatoes and cauliflower, the shahi biryani had chuncks of paneer, tomatoes and onions. The rice was well cooked. The paneer was soft and was present in the biryani in good quantity. It was well complimented with the sour raita. But the raita didn’t taste good with the dum biryani!

We ended our meal with rosogolla. It was soft, juicy and tasty- an all time favourite dessert of a Bengali.

Overall, homeflavour is a sure winner as it a brings a home-like flavour in every dish. What i would suggest is adding some more new dishes in the menu which would make it more diverse. The ones reading this review, make sure to order from homeflavour for a homely meal !


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