Poor experience at Choco Lust

It was chocolate day and we were in the mood of having some chocolates. Seeing good reviews for this place, we decided to taste some chocolates here. As we started clicking pics inside, a lady came up and rudely said us that we aren’t allowed to click pics inside as according to her this place is one of the top bakeries in the city. But none of their collections seemed worthy of that level. She started checking our camera to verify if we haven’t clicked any pics of their so called cakes. Another young lady appeared and RE-checked the cam to assure it. We felt insulted at this but also laughed at their silly mindset !

Coming to the food, we ordered some flavoured chocolates and lollipops. And they were simply average! The mango flavoured one had a layer of am shotto. The strawberry one looked red but tasted just the same as the mango one. The lollipops were bland. Overall, none of the chocolates were of that level which they proudly boast of !


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