Nong veg dosa & more at Dosa twist !

Dosa twist is a new addition to Calcutta’s food scenario. For the ones who crave for non veg south Indian food and are bored with tamarind and ammini, here comes a new and pocket friendly option!

Dosa twist is located just beside zeeshan, opposite desapriya park. The seating area can accomodate around 15-20 people. The decor is fine. There is a sun shaped mirror and some paintings hung on the walls which doesnt match with the south indian theme of the place. The good thing is that the place is air conditioned !!

Coming to the food, we ordered for a veg schezwan cheese masala dosa, egg chicken masala dosa, button idli in chicken curry and fried idli with cheese.

First came the veg schezwan cheese masala dosa. The dosa was crisp and the masala filling was good too with generous amounts of cheese. With it, were provided three chutneys – the coconut chutney, a dhania chutney and a tomato garlic chutney, accompanied by sambar! All of them were equally good.

Next came the egg chicken masala dosa. It looked similar to the veg one, except that it was cut into half. It was stuffed with a brilliantly tasty egg and chicken keema masala. A new twist to the normal dosa which left me crazy. I could never imagine such a taste out of a south Indian dish. Highly recommended!

Next there was button idly with chicken curry. It was served in a huge bowl with chicken curry containing three pieces of chicken and 15 button idlis. The gravy was spicy and sour and the chicken well cooked.

Lastly, we had fried idly with cheese. This was suggested by a lady who might be the owner of the restaurant. And, excellent it was. Cheese was given in generous amounts and we liked it!

Surprisingly, our bill was just 435 bucks. The prices in the menu are inclusive of taxes. It was a great meal and I would love to be here again !


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