Cakes & more at Cakewali !

Cakewali is located on ballygunge circular road, beside nosh. It is a takeaway counter where apart from cakes, they sell fries, burritos and some desserts too.

In search of some chocolates, I along with some of my fellow foodies, landed up here on the occasion of chocolate day. Unfortunately, no chocolates were available. We decided to start with the amsterdam fries. It came almost after 15mins. But luckily the fries were crispy and tasty. Adding to the taste, was the topping of mayonese and the tomato sauce dip. The quantity was quite filling for the price charged.

Next, we ordered some desserts. Each of the desserts looked good and wasn’t overpriced. The Swiss roll was sweet but dry. The profiterole was good with decent amount of chocolate sauce. But, the best among the lot was the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It was a sheer delight. The cupcake was soft and the cream was sweetened to perfection. The service was a little slow and there is scope for much improvement !


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