Lunch at a Buddhist monastery !

Buddha bites is one of the better themed Chinese restaurants in the gariahat area. It is located on the lane beside citi style, triangular park. I visited this place along with Sreyasi for lunch on 9/2/16 around 12:30pm. The ambience is praiseworthy. Though the place is short, but they have made the best of it. Structures present in a Buddhist monastery have been constructed here to give it a typical Buddhist monastery look.

As we went through the menu, we noticed they had an offer- a set meal at 499, providing a veg soup, a non veg starter, two half portions of veg rice and noodles( or full portion of one), a chicken side dish and vanilla ice cream. The offer seemed tempting and we availed it.

For soup, we ordered veg wanton soup. The soup arrived about 25mins after the order which was too slow since we were hungry, but there was no delay in between which I liked. The soup was very tasty. The broth was highly aromatic and full of flavour. Being a hardcore non vegetarian, I never even thought of having veg wantons ever but the ones I had here, knocked me down with the taste. I could not imagine how veg wantons can be so tasty!

For starters we had dragon chicken. The chicken was soft and juicy. It was marianted with dry chillies and cashewnuts. The taste was good though I found it to be a little more spicy to taste.

For mains, we ordered veg hakka noodles and veg schezwan fried rice accompanied by general tao chicken. It was after a long time that I had hakka noodles and I must say I was impressed. The schezwan rice was equally well done. Both went perfectly with the general tao chicken. Though the chicken was not as soft as expected, the gravy was so so good. I felt like licking my plate after finishing off the mains.

For desserts we had vanilla ice cream which was good. Each and every dish tasted of authentic Chinese and was prepared with much care. Apart from the taste, the quantity of each dish is remarkable. A half plate of rice or noodles is enough to suffice a person. I would obviously visit this place soon to try the much praised seven jewel rice and the other dishes on the menu.


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