‘Ghorowa bangaliana’ at Lokaahar !

Lokaahar not only excels in Bengali dishes but is also a representation of the cultural heritage of Bengal. For the ones who are in search of some homely Bengali food, this is best place in the city !

The location is off the main road. It is on the same lane of jodhpur park where abar baithak is. I was invited here through Panchphoron group for a food tasting. The decor is amazing! Mr Ghatak explained us every detail of the place. The walls have pictorial representation of various scenes in the life of Bengali. There are two rooms for dine in, with an accommodation capacity of around 30 people. There is a seperate room where handicrafts made by handicapped children are displayed and are put up for sale! A good initiative! Also they sell various types of rice, bought from different districts of Bengal, at a very nominal price.

Coming to the food, we started with Rose lassi. It was a highly refreshing drink. Then we had the newly introduced seasonal thali in the menu. The sukto was very good with fresh veggies. The dal was thick and to accompany it, there were three seasonal boras of kumro phool, bok phool and sojne phool. All three were amazing and tasted great with the dal! The polao was good and with it we had alur dum, echorer dalna and chicken kasha. Each dish was brilliant and had a distinct flavour. A special mention to the alur dum and the chicken kasha which were light yet tasty.

We were full with this when we were served the traditional Bengali desserts- kool er chatni and payesh. The kool er chatni was much different than what I have at home and it was highly impressive. Also the payesh wasn’t much sweet which I liked. It was after a long time I had such an amazing Bengali dinner with every dish cooked to perfection.

This seasonal thali is priced at just 400 bucks and is valid till 31st March. So, the ones reading this review, go and grab it !


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