Buffet at Chai Break

This sector v outlet of chai break provides great buffet- said one of my friends. On his strong recommendation, I paid a visit to this place on an afternoon .

Finding this place is very easy for the ones acquainted with the salt lake others. For ones who are not well acquainted with salt lake, take a bus towards sector v and get down at webel bus stop. The straight road takes you to RDB boulevard whose ground floor has chai break, just beside BBQ nation.

The place is not very huge but well decorated. We were seated in the hookah room whose walls were decorated with guitars!

The waiters were courteous and they said they will take some time coz buffet starts from 12:30 and we had reached early. After about 10 minutes, there was a trail of starters !!
Chicken changezi kabab
Chicken tengri
Tandoori prawn
Two fish kababs
Chilli chicken
Chicken pizza
Mutton seekh kabab
And chef’s special chicken wings and one prawn kabab.

I specially liked the chicken changezi and the fried fish kabab. They were very tasty.

Now coming to the service! At first the restro was quite empty but suddenly a large group of almost 30 people and we were not given any attention. Neither were we asked whether we need repetition of any starters nor were our glasses refilled with water. Finally after 15-20 mins of sitting idly a waiter stepped in and we asked for starters.

Then we shifted to the main course. There was a huge variety too!
Two salads
Veg and chicken biryani
Lahori paneer
Chana masala
Chicken curry
One fish item
Mutton roganjosh

I couldn’t have all these main course items after gulping the starters. I began which chicken Caesar salad which was the best main course dish. I had this twice!! :p the paneer was a little spicy. The biryani was good but we had to go deep to take out a chicken piece and an aloo! it was tasty and the chicken was soft but I found the aloo a little sweet. The chicken dish was nice and tasted homely and the mutton item was good.

After this we didn’t have enough space for desserts!! :p so after gulping a can of sprite we shifted to the desert section. But I was quite disappointed. The dessert section comprised of
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate tart
Dark chocolate cake
Lemon cake.
Black forest cake

They had concentrated more on cakes and pastries and I found very little variation which disappointed me. I liked the gulabjamun and the dark chocolate cake which were the best of the lot.


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