The best out of a roadside food stall !

Bapi dar momo is one of the famous momo stalls in the salt lake area. I was initially surprised to see such good reviews for a simple stall. So I managed to visit this place.

It is located near karunamoyee bus stand. The stall opens around 5pm and gets crowded instantly. I was with my foodie friend Tanwyee Ray who took me to this place. We initially started with chicken steamed momos. A plate of chicken momo has 4 momos at just ₹30. Great deal. The momo tasted very good and had huge chicken filling inside. The sauce provided with it added to its taste.

Next we had chicken lollipop. Each plate had 4 pieces again at just 30 bucks. The lollipops were very tasty and crispy- just the best one can expect from a roadside food stall.

Last but not the least, we had chicken fry. A huge chicken piece was fried to perfection. Highly filling!!

I’m surely coming back here for the momos and the fry. Also, they have introduced some new items in the menu which I will try next time 😀


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